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CFC Keynote - Dr. James Hansen: The Climate Crisis | @marioninstitute Carbon produced from fossil fuel burning will stay in the climate system for more than 100,000 years before it is buried on the ocean floor as carbonates. So whether it takes a few decades (or even a few centuries) to extract the fuel is pretty irrelevant -- we are destroying the planet for our children, grandchildren and, as Native Americans say, the seventh generation. We have a planetary emergency and our activities today will have a profound impact on society for years to come. Dr. James Hansen, former Director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies, is an Adjunct Professor and at Columbia University's Earth Institute, where he directs a program in Climate Science, Awareness and Solutions. Since the late 1970s, he has focused his research on Earth's climate, specifically human-made climate change. Dr. Hansen is best known for his testimony on climate change to congressional committees in the 1980s that helped raise broad awareness of the global warming issue. He was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 1995 and was designated by Time Magazine in 2006 as one of the 100 most influential people on Earth. He has received numerous awards including the Carl-Gustaf Rossby and Roger Revelle Research Medals, the Sophie Prize and the Blue Planet Prize. Dr. Hansen is recognized for speaking truth to power, for identifying ineffectual policies as greenwash, and for outlining actions that the public must take to protect the future of young people and other life on our planet.

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