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The Ecological Impact of Horses as a Keystone Species

Study on Potential Ecological Impact of Horses For many years, the future of the feral horses who remain on public property in the United States has been highly controversial. Those who want to exterminate them have had considerable success. They believe horses damage the range environment, but instead modern scientific research has established they enhance it. Conservation biologists have classified equines as one of the keystone species which is critically important in the regeneration of the Earth. Scientists believe evolution gave horses the ability to modify their environment to suit their species and in doing so, they will benefit numerous plants and animals who share their ecosystem. Rewilding or species reintroduction is increasingly being seen as a valuable tool for saving species from extinction and for reintroducing locally extinct species. 1 - Asia 2 - Canada: Sable Island Wild Horses 3 - Europe 4 - Konik Horses 5 - Other English Pony Breeds 6 - The Future Research and Sources: Music: Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds

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