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Top 10 climate change myths

SOURCES ARE BELOW I made this video to summarize all the various climate myths I have covered over the last 10 years. There is no copyright as long as it is not edited, so please feel free to mirror it. I hope this will be a definitive visual guide to the most common pieces of nonsense doing the rounds of the internet. TO SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL, please do not donate to me, please donate to a very worthwhile charity I support. It’s a hospital in Borneo that provides affordable health care to villages on the edge of a national park in return for a pledge not to cut down trees, The pledges are monitored,a nd the result is a dramatic decrease in deforestation rates and an increase in the health of the local population. The founders are hoping to spread the idea to other countries. You can make a donation here… SOURCES: There are way too many sources listed in each of my videos, and they won't fit in the space alotted by YouTube for the video description. So I have just listed a dozen or so only. For the rest, please go to the video on my channel that deals with the relevant myth, for which I have pasted the title and URL. For other myths, such as "The hockey stick has been faked" (dealt with in my video 'The Medieval Warm Period - fact vs. fiction') please watch the climate change series. All the top myths are there. MYTH #1 -- All sources, such as Atthenius 1896, are already shown in the video itself. MYTH #2 -- I go into more detail in my video "Climate Change -- Isn't it natural?" -- Sources are listed in the video description. MYTH #3 -- Causes for the drop in CO2 and the onset of an ice age in the late Ordovician: "Bathymetric and isotopic evidence for a short-lived late Ordovician glaciation in a greenhouse period" -- Brenchley et al, Geology; April 1994 "Reconciling Late Ordovician (440 Ma) glaciation with very high (14X) CO2 levels" -- CROWLEY T. J. ; BAUM S. K., Journal of Geophysical Research 1995 "An atmospheric pCO2 threshold for glaciation in the Late Ordovician" -- M. T. Gibbs et. al, Geology; May 1997 "A weathering hypothesis for glaciation at high atmospheric pCO2 during the Late Ordovician." -- L.R. Kump et al, Palaeoclimatology alaeogeography Palaeoecology 1999 "Long-lived glaciation in the Late Ordovician? Isotopic and se- quence-stratigraphic evidence from western Laurentia" -- M. R. Saltzman,S. A. Young, Geology; February 2005 MYTH #4 -- I explain the relationship between solar output and CO2 during the Phanerozoic in more detail in my video "Monckton Bunkum -- Sources are in the video description MYTH #5 -- Examples of papers that have looked at the sun as a factor in climate change: "Unusual activity of the Sun during recent decades compared to the last 11,000 years" -- S.K. Solanki et al, Nature Sep 2004 "Can solar variability explain global warming since 1970?" -- S. K. Solanki and N. A. Krivova, Journalof Geophysical Research, May 2003 "Solar Activity and the Mean Global Temperature" -- A.D. Erlykin et al, Physics Geo 2009 "Solar trends and global warming" -- R. Benestad and G. Schmidt, Journal of Geophysical Research July 2009 "How natural and anthropogenic influences alter global and regional surface temperatures: 1889 to 2006" -- J. Lean and D. Rind, Geophysical Research Letters, Sep 2008 "Recent changes in solar outputs and the global mean surface temperature. III. Analysis of contributions to global mean air surface temperature rise" -- M. Lockwood, June 2008 MYTH #6 -- Milankovitch cycles are explained in more detail in my video "Does CO2 lead or lag global temperature?" MYTHS #7 and #8 -- All sources in the video description of my video "Does CO2 lead or lag global temperature?" CORRECTION: At 10:57 I say "a wobble in the earth’s axis and orbit that allows more sunlight to hit the Earth." I should have said the sunlight hits part of the Earth during a particular season. MYTH #9 -- All sources in the video description of my video "Are humans contributing only 3\% of CO2 in the atmosphere?" MYTH #10 -- See my videos "Global warming has stopped? Again??" and "Response to "The Global Warming Hoax Lord Monckton & Stefan Molyneux"

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