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Global Climate Change - Debunking Lord Monckton 5

I would suggest that the goal of the vast majority of these prominent climate change skeptics is to create doubt regarding the recommendations of the scientific consensus in relation to the impact of our carbon emissions on global climate change. This doubt, once entrenched in the public opinion would provide a brake on real progress towards legislation to restrict carbon emissions. The obvious benefactors of a lack of progress would be industries who would be forced to lose billions in profits by having to change their business processes and models to comply with stricter regulations. Do you think that it is likely that these anti-climate change advocates are being bankrolled by these industries? You decide? This video is a mirror of potholer54 addressing the claims of Lord Christopher Monckton SOURCES: 0:18 "Apocalypse? No!" -- Monckton film, 2007 0:59 Myth of the cooling planets in potholer54's video "Climate Change -- Has the Earth been cooling?" 1:16 "Unusual activity of the Sun during recent decades compared to the last 11,000 years" -- S.K. Solanki et al, Nature Sep 2004 3:20 Cited by John Cook, 3:38 "What the sunspot record tells us about space climate" -- D. Hathaway and R. Wilson Solar Physics 2004 4:32 "Is climate sensitive to solar variability?" Nicola Scafetta and Bruce J. West Opinion piece at 4:41 "Can solar variability explain global warming since 1970?" -- S. K. Solanki and N. A. Krivova, Journal of Geophysical Research, May 2003 Solar Activity and the Mean Global Temperature A.D. Erlykin et al, Physics Geo 2009 "Solar trends and global warming" -- R. Benestad and G. Schmidt, Journal of Geophysical Research July 2009 "How natural and anthropogenic influences alter global and regional surface temperatures: 1889 to 2006" J. Lean and D. Rind, Geophysical Research Letters, Sep 2008 "Recent changes in solar outputs and the global mean surface temperature. III. Analysis of contributions to global mean air surface temperature rise" -- M. Lockwood, June 2008 5:24 Slide 96 "Could it be Solar?" 5:49 "Meet the Climate Sceptics" BBC TV Feb 2011 7:10- 9:46 taken from posts in the forum of my Monckton Bunkum series of videos, and the videos themselves. 11:04 11:06


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