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What is Sustainability - Easy Ways to Start Living Sustainable

What is Sustainability -- Today, I am going to be talking about the shift towards sustainability. This is happening on a global scale. It is happening in relationships, in business, in your health, in wealth generation, in your spirituality, and everything else. Everything is moving towards sustainability because we have been in a place that is really unsustainable for a long time right now. All the structures that are breaking down in the world - the financial systems, the way money works, the way corporations treat people, the way we treat the environment - all these structures are breaking down and crumbling in front of our eyes. The reason is they were NEVER sustainable to begin with. What we are doing right now is a shift towards sustainability. Sustainability is not just some buzz word. It is not about buying the green thing. It's much DEEPER than that. We have to go deeper than that if we really want to make this shift. What is Sustainability -- The Protection of Seven Generations So, what does sustainability really mean? It means exactly what the ancients knew, which is that whatever you are doing, whatever effect you have on the planet, people and everything else, it must be SUSTAINABLE to the point where it will support seven generations beyond you... Seven generations -- that is the measuring tool for sustainability. Let's really think about that. You have kids, which have kids, which have kids and which have kids. That is a long time! That's about 250 years or more from now. Now, let's look at what we have done really in the last 50 years alone. How we have ravaged the planet, socially disconnected from each other, enslaved people, blown things up, spread radiation all over the planet, in ONE generation. We have done a LOT of damage. Are we living sustainably right now? No, clearly not. Those global problems are way too BIG for you to tackle, unless Mr. Billionaire is watching this right now. BUT, there is a scale of solution that YOU can belong to. What is really important is not to waste your energy looking at the scale thinking:"I can't do anything about that" It's more important to look at what you CAN do and to affect society by being, like Gandhi, the change you want to see in the world. Start Living in Sustainability -- Lead by Example! There are some simple things that you can do to really start being sustainable right now. One is simply SHIFTING this mindset. Understanding that EVERYTHING you do will affect seven generations of sustainability beyond your present self. It needs to become your life policy to affect it positively. It needs to be your business policy... Can this business model sustain the employees, the world, the environment, and everybody for seven years? Would the life policy of treating people this way be sustainable if everybody did? Would seven generations from now be alive and happy and well? So number one, make it your life policy. Hold yourself accountable to be and act in a way that sustain the next generations. If you are not being sustainable to the world, you have to understand that it's your only sphere of influence. Your influence is YOU. Take control of that first! Imagine a simple example like littering. Littering is not sustainable. Throwing cigarette butts out your car window while you drive is not sustainable. Think about it. If there are a billion smokers on the planet and they all throw a cigarette butt out their car window once a day, that's a billion more cigarette butts on the ground with all the chemicals and filters. Mother Earth is going to take care of that, but she WON'T be happy about it! Let's try to help her out with things because she's really being super nice to us. She gives us all the air we breathe. Her ionosphere protects us from harmful radiation off in the universe. She gives us all the food that we eat and all the water we drink. So we really want to PROTECT her and we want to give back to her, not destroy her. So littering, do not do it. Don't do it. What I do is I PICK UP litter when I walk by. This is a cultural thing. In Japan, everybody does this. When they walk by litter, they pick it up and as a result their country is a lot cleaner than some other countries. The impact they have on the environment is a lot less significant than a lot of other countries. So, it's very simple. The Earth fairies are going to love you for it. Pick up a piece of garbage if you walk by it. If everybody did that, BILLIONS of pieces of trash would get picked up every day and it would not take too long to clean this mess up. I am not telling you to be Mr Trashman. Sometimes you are walking by 25 pieces of trash in a 2 block radius. Do not pick it all up. But, maybe just pick up one piece a day... For the full article, please visit my website here: Thanks and talk soon! Noah Hammond

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