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Kids Learn Numbers & Farm Animals & Fun Animal Care Episode - Apps for Kids Baby Toddlers

Kids learn numbers and count! Kids learn farm animals and take care of sheep! If you like farm animals you will surely love and enjoy this game video! Subscribe to: Download from Googleplay: Download from iTunes: "This time Jobi takes your children to a farm where they will have a chance to try out some farm jobs such as cleaning the barn, sorting chicken eggs, removing spider webs, taking care of sheep, and harvesting vegetables. Thanks to its simplicity, appealing graphics and fun sound effects the app will help your little ones better understand the farm environment, recognise farm animals and the way they need to be looked after, and differentiate between different types of root vegetables. The game uses a simple drag & drop mechanism and does not require too much precision in movement, which makes it even more child-friendly. Main Content: - Cleaning the Barn: remove spider webs, collect chicken eggs, help small ducklings find their mom, wash the piggies, feed the cows - Harvesting Time: collect 20 root vegetables of the same type - Sheep Care: feeding, shearing and guarding Main Features: - introduces the awareness of farm jobs - fosters the development of fine motor skills - wiping, cleaning, sorting - supports Cross-Curricular Learning - the understanding of a farm environment, and the recognition of farm animal names and sounds - supports Multi-Sensory Learning - the right balance between the audio and visual elements - utilises Active Learning - children learn by doing - expands English vocabulary - offers appealing and child-friendly artwork & sound effects" ========== Kids Fun Home: Follow on Twitter: ========== The Kids Fun Home channel presents babies and kids game movies...

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