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Power to gas: That's how wind power is stored

OMV Blog: OMV Website: The new energy era is dawning, bringing with it wind and solar power. Renewable, sustainable energy with just one problem: how to store it. How can we store enough of this power to secure supply to entire cities? The solution could be hydrogen. Today, wind turbines generate electrical power which can be stored directly in the grid. When strong winds generate too much power, or if demand is low, it can be difficult to store. And when the wind drops off, there isn’t enough energy to maintain supply. One solution would be to use the surplus energy to produce hydrogen directly on site via electrolysis. After all, hydrogen can be stored! And it could power the grid at any time as part of the natural gas network or used directly via fuel cells. In future we will also be able to use hydrogen on the road. A Wind2Hydrogen plant which can do this has been built in Austria at OMV’s site in Auersthal near Vienna. Here production technology will be tested and the experts will see how suitable the natural gas network is for storing hydrogen. OMV has experienced partners on board for this project, with researchers from Fronius International, EVN, HycentA and the Energy Institute of the Johann Kepler University all working on this new technology. It’s sponsored by the Climate and Energy Fund. --- Note: As of June 13, 2017 Petrol Ofisi A.S. is no longer part of OMV Group. -------------------------------------------------- Subscribe to the OMV Channel: Follow our Blog: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on LinkedIn: Follow us on XING: Follow us on Facebook:

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