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Ecosystems for children

Ecosystems for children What is an ecosystem? This desert is an ecosystem This forest is an ecosystem This pond is an ecosystem, and under this rock is even an ecosystem. An ecosystem is a community of living and non-living objects in a particular area. Another name for living objects is biotic and nonliving objects is abiotic You can classify ecosystems several ways, but one method is to use the amount of rainfall and the type of soil. For example, the rainforest receives a large amount of rainfall each year. The plants and animals that live there have adapted to large amounts of rain and heavy vegetation. Some animals like this walking stick have extreme camouflage. These frogs like the dart frog are poisonous In an ecosystem, the communities can be divided into populations which are a group of one type of organism. These animals also have a home called a habitat There are also water ecosystems like a pond, lake, river, and ocean A small ecosystem could be and area under a rock is a micro-ecosystem. A medium size ecosystem like a large lake is a messo ecosystem. A Biome is a large ecosystem. Keywords: Ecology ecosystem organism producer consumer biology materials Plants terrestrial food chain food energy environment nutrients -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Study Skills Teacher's Secret Guide to your Best Grades" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- * * For more Life Science videos and summaries see,

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