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400+ Minecraft Biomes 001: The Plan

I begin showcasing the biomes in this Minecraft Mod by MC_Pitman that generates over 400 biomes ,1000 structures, and unique mobs...but mostly the biomes ;) The plan is to travel through various biomes until we find a floating island! Thank you MC_Pitman!!! My Work at home rig got an update and as an after effect I can try out Optifine and shaders! How's it look? I think Amazing! The Minecraft Realm world I'm building in that I'm showing to friends and family, feel free to subscribe if you want to see what gets built. Because after all, that's the fun part of watching Minecraft ;) Thanks for watching everyone! CC: CC: Are you a high powered gamer that enjoys flavored energy drinks?! Try XS brand energy drinks! Game Time codes to your e-mailbox in minutes 24 hours a day!! Sick of subscription plans, but don't want to spend gas money driving to the store for game codes? Game codes to your email inbox in minutes! Get some gear at (JC gaming, and Bonecookie music coming soon!) --------------- This video --------------- Originally streamed live at: Dexteram Testing is a branch of the Dexteram Family that specializes in discovering potential game issues and problem solving work-a-rounds. Those incidents are recorded and cataloged for presentation purposes to active and prospective clients. It's not all serious business, and we can have some fun doing it. Here my testing partners identify issues with: Dexteram Tunnelers: my private Minecraft world Things we test for: Inoperative interactive object(s), such as Buttons, levers, Mission terminals, Non-player Characters, etc. Inaccessible interactive object(s), such as Farming Nodes which may spawn randomly near a central axis point. Non-displayed Interactive object(s), such as items which cease instantiating or 'painting' on underlying terrain. Environmental Collision Detection Issues, such as a player character or similar walking through expected collision points like walls, or falling issues related to polygonal detection beneath said avatar(s). Camera Physics, such as falling behind a polygon and forcing the engine to display nothing but background. Unexpected Passable Terrain, such as gaining access where you were not expected to be able to. Storyline Errors, such as directions to a falsely identified target/destination. Grammar and syntax vs. Flow of written narrative available upon request...if you see what I did there. Our three pronged encounter testing procedure that calls for three distinctive engagement styles, this helps to identify unexpected conflict resolutions to the designed event. Unexpected ways that the client may wish to adjust in the future if they deem it to be an exploitative process detrimental to the overall experience. You may know it as glitches or exploits, and yes, we actively seek them out to be resolved. Advanced discussion during informal and formal meetings, regarding the exploit-ability of any such events which helps our client to establish a measure of what the general public's opinion may be, and make adjustments accordingly if they (the clients) desire. A.I. evaluation which can be measured against our video reporting method in order to accurately evaluate the desired perspective result. ------------------------------- Other Ongoing Projects ------------------------------- IBO Project: Twitch Streaming: Dexteram Testing: Music Projects: My Buddy Mike: -------------- Social Links -------------- FACEBOOK: WEBSITE: GUILD WEB: ---------- MUSIC ---------- Michael Mahoney: "Zoom" by Vibe Tracks "Invisible" by Vibe Tracks

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