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Marine Biome Video (Intertidal Zone, Reefs, Open Ocean, Deep Sea) SCIENCE EXPERIMENT

!!!Oceanography Experiment!!! (Marine Biome Video and Oceanorgaphy Video) SCIENCE EXPERIMENT Crazy Chris is diving into the ocean and shows you how to model an ocean ecosystem right at home! Objective: To understand the different ecosystems in the ocean environment. Materials Needed: ~ Pan ~ Rocks ~ Shells ~ Seaweed ~ Sand Step 1) Head down to the beach and collect beach rocks, shells, seaweeds and beach sand. Step 2) Pour the sand into the pan and then angle the sand so it goes up from the bottom of one side to the top of the other side. Step 3) Add rocks in the shallow end of the pan, scatter the sea shells all over the pan, add some torn up seaweed and finish it off by pouring water in until it reaches about 3/4 the way to the top. Step 4) Add a fan to make waves like those you would see in the ocean and at the beach. HOW DOES IT WORK: You may think of the ocean as a gitan ecosytem but in actually a giant enviroment housing some of the worlds largest ecosystems. There are 4 major types of ocean ecosystems. Inter-tidal zones, tide polos and shore lines are areas that are continually being drenched in ocean water as the tides comes in and out. This area can be under water daily to infrequent. The animals that live here are usually scavangers, eating what ever the sea has washed ashore such as dead animals or algeas. The ecosystem you modeled in the pan is an interidal ecosystem. Continental coast or areas that are sumerged completely in water year round. Such as kelp forrests which areas with a high dencity of kelp or anchord kelp beds as well as reefs the most diverse ecosystem in the world. Reefs are made up of a coral and other calcium deposting organisms which anchor to hard surfaces such as rocks or other reefs. Reefs support an abundant community of living things such as fish and other organisusm including the coral themselves. Deep Sea is an areas of the ocean and the floor which receives no natural light from the sun. These areas usually consist of trenches or hydrothermal vents that spring up near oceanic ridges. These areas are the most hostile of the ocean ecosystems due to thier lack of light, extream pressures as well as the highest levels of salt build up. It may seem impossible to support life here, how ever these areas support unique animals such as the anglerfish wich uses bio-luminescence to attract other fish, giant tube worms which spring up near hydro thermal vents, the vampire squid as well as an numerous microbial organisums which get thier energy from the thermal vents. and finally the open ocean which consists of just ocean water from the surface down to about 4,000 meters. This area pretty much relies on plankton for food and consists of a fish which live in water columes, areas that are not near the ocean floor or dont live in the other ocean ecosystems, seajellies as well as a few drifting plants such as seaweed. !!!Oceanography Experiment!!! (Marine Biome Video and Oceanography Video) SCIENCE EXPERIMENT "ocean ecosystem" "ocean ecology" " "oceanography" "oceanography video" "oceanography lecture" "oceanography documentary" "oceanography waves" "oceanography song" "oceanography 2010" "oceanography class" "oceanography music" "oceanography experiment" "oceanography experiments" "marine biome video" "marine biology" "marine biologist" "marine biologist seinfeld" "marine biology videos" "marine biologist at work" "marine biology 7th edition" "marine biology career" "marine biorb" "marine biologist career" "marine biology documentary" !!!Oceanography Experiment!!! (Marine Biome Video and Oceanography Video) SCIENCE EXPERIMENT "science experiments" "cool science experiments" "science fair prodjects" "science fair prodject ideas" "science experiments gone wrong" "science tricks" "science experiments for school" "science experiments explosions" "science experiments cool" "science experiments at home" "science experiments easy" !!!Oceanography Experiment!!! (Marine Biome Video and Oceanography Video) SCIENCE EXPERIMENT

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