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In 1800, the global population was 1 billion and only 2 centuries later, our global population is 7.6 billion. Nature is under tremendous human pressures because of population size and its demands like food and energy etc. The combined effects of population growth, consumption, overuse, wastage, and misuse of resources is challenging the capacity of the Earth to sustain life. Let's study Population Growth’s serious impact on the environment - 1. Pollution: Land, air, water, soil, and minerals - physical environment’s components! More population means more mouths to feed which requires more agricultural production and more living space. We are clearing forests and compromising green belts that is creating an imbalance. Thus the growth of population leads to pollution of air, land, and water that is further affecting the biological environment adversely. 2. Deforestation: Forest cover is an important natural resource that enhances the quality of the environment by checking soil erosion, maintaining soil fertility, conserving water, so many other things. Continuing deforestation to meet our demands, big trouble. 3. Depletion of ozone layer Ozone layer protects earth from harmful UV rays. The ozone layer has been gradually ruined by the effect of the CFCs. Chemicals like bromine halocarbons, and nitrous oxides from fertilizers, Nitrogen oxides and methane also attack the ozone layer. A huge hole in the ozone layer in Antarctica, now that is scary. 4. Global warming and climate change This is real, according to Governments and scientists. There is a worldwide consensus among climate scientists that global average temperature has raised about 1F (0.4C –0.8C) in the past 140 years. The summers are getting longer every year and the last 5 years were among the seven hottest on record and the graphs are going up every year. Spring arrives approximately 15 days earlier than it did 30 years ago. They are predicting that the temperature in the Middle East to increase by 1 – 2C till the time we reach 2030. The Earth's environment is finite and can be destroyed if we do not start population control. Overpopulation ek negative solution for everyone; plants, animals, land, water, and humans. Also, do not forget to subscribe to Hungama Kids as there are many such videos waiting just for you. Hungama Kids : Hungama Kids on Facebook : Hungama Kids on Twitter :

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