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20. Ecosystems for Supported Behavior Change - Dr. Marc Pierson (PeaceHealth) at MfC '11

SUPPORTING THE COMMUNITY HEALTH ECOSYSTEM Dr. Marc Pierson, PeaceHealth Medical Group, stated that the future of behavior change, indeed healthcare generally, is in empowering communities and their residents in their own health and care. "I hate to see healthcare try to take on all of this - all of the components that go into impacting behavior," stated Pierson, "it is the most expensive and ineffective solution I can possibly imagine." The opportunity Pierson sees is to help rebuild community care infrastructure made weak or eliminated by the rise of strong market-based service systems. It is imperative, explained Pierson, "to help the community come up to the level of service and authority that we [healthcare organizations] have, so they have equal authority." Pierson envisions communities as health ecosystems that bring together all of the different components involved in affecting healthy behavior and applying them in a programmatic and systematic way across the heath family, neighborhood, community and care providers. Through his experience with patients, Pierson sees the need for more activation of individuals and their families and other caretakers, as well as the need for navigator coaches to help patients achieve better health choices and outcomes. "I think in healthcare this [navigator coach] is the missing role and this shouldn't be the doctor," explained Pierson, but "...somebody who knows you, knows what's out there and gets you what you want." It's a "perfect matching function" and something that can possibly be delivered or enabled through technology. Ultimately, though, Pierson stated that we have to go beyond activation to "figure out for ourselves, workers, the patients and their families how we can get into a psychological state of flourishing." "Human flourishing and the science behind it, Positive Psychology," articulated Pierson, "has got to be the key to how we change things more profoundly." Pierson's talk was given at Consumer-Centric Health: MODELS FOR CHANGE '11, a conference that featured more than 20 presentations on all facets of health behavior change. The presenters represented diverse fields of medicine, employer health, mobile technology, health insurance, gaming, public health, research, and anthropology. The 1½ day conference, held at Seattle University in Seattle, Washington, began with an opening keynote on Oct 12, with the main sessions on Oct 13, divided into three sections (1) WHAT'S WORKING IN BEHAVIOR CHANGE; (2) HOW TO SCALE BEHAVIOR CHANGE; and (3) WHAT ELSE IS NEEDED TO MAKE BEHAVIOR CHANGE MORE EFFECTIVE AND SUSTAINABLE. Models for Change '11 was convened by Health Innoventions with support from Bastyr University's Center for Health Policy & Leadership and Seattle University's Organization Systems Renewal Program. Health Innoventions ( is a non profit that serves the public good by promoting the translation and dissemination of actionable consumer-centric information to support health-enhancing programs, technology and policy.

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