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Claire Cummings Bon Appetit Management Company Food Waste

Claire Cummings is a trash-talking, waste-fighting garbage guru — more formally known as the first-ever Waste Specialist for Bon Appétit Management Company Foundation, the nonprofit arm of the pioneering food service provider that operates more than 500 cafés in 32 states for corporations, universities, and museums around the country. Over the past year Claire has doubled Bon Appétit’s food-recovery programs, developed implementation guides for launching reusable to-go container programs, supported the development of a new kitchen-waste-tracking system, and partnered with farmers to address waste in the fields. In this presentation, Claire talks about how they equip their staff with the tools and knowledge they need to be able to launch a food recovery program and how they support and encourage donation to ensure that the programs last. For example, they have created a guide to food recovery for their chefs and managers, they have done companywide trainings on food recovery, and they have put systems in place to reward and recognize accounts that donate. They have also established partnerships with a variety of food recovery organizations around the country. Their goal is to make food recovery as common as composting and recycling - it needs to be a part of sustainable resource management. The presentation was featured on the “Donating Unsold Food – A Primer on Liability, Food safety, and the Good Samaritan Act” webinar on November 12, 2014. To download the presentations and other materials, please visit: Additional information: 14.3\% of American households found it difficult to put food on the table at some time in 2013, yet 31\% of food at the consumer and retail level goes uneaten (USDA ERS).  Of the estimated 133 billion pounds of food that goes uneaten every year, much of it is perfectly safe and nutritious and could have been donated to hunger relief organizations to feed hungry people.  Sadly, much of this perfectly good food ends up in landfills. How can we change this situation? Many managers at farms, food processors, supermarkets, dining facilities, and restaurants say they are worried about donating wholesome unsold food because of fear of liability.  Some say they don’t have the proper food safety processes in place to handle food recovery and donation programs. The presentations from this webinar discuss liability concerns and clear up misconceptions that may keep companies from donating food.  The webinar covers food safety issues and tips and the Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Act, the federal statute that gives liability protection to those who donate food.

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