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Experts in Biotechnology, Environment & Recycling and Plastics & Composites, GAIKER-IK4

Technology Offer in R&D. The Biotechnology Division, GAIKER-IK4 performs Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) certified in vitro studies during the toxicology, efficacy and pharmacokinetic testing of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and cosmetics. It also applies genomic and proteomic based technologies to pharmacogenomic, molecular diagnosis and genetic susceptibility assessments. The expertise in the fields of molecular biology, protein biochemistry, immunochemistry and microbiology also enables the Centre to develop highly specific and sensitive biorecognition molecules and to immobilise them for subsequent application in biosensors. Likewise, GAIKER-IK4 develops biodetection systems for both human, animal and environmental health and for food traceability and safety. The Environmental and Recycling Division develops Environmental Technologies for the assessment of environmental health (soils, surface and groundwaters) and treatments associated with their cleaning and remediation. Furthermore, in the field of environmental management, GAIKER-IK4 analyses the sustainability of processes, products (ecodesign) and services throughout their life-cycle, using methodologies and developing tools such as environmental (LCA), economic (LCC) and Social (SLCA ) Life Cycle Analysis. In the field of mechanical recycling, the Centre works on the treatment of material flows from post-consumer waste of all types along with industrial rejects. Likewise, GAIKER-IK4 develops ad hoc processes in the field of energy recovery aimed at fuels obtained from waste and also develops processes for the chemical recycling for plastics or the production of biofuels from renewable sources. In the field of Plastics and Composites GAIKER-IK4 undertakes R+D projects in the fields of thermoplastic materials, thermoset materials and their composites. The Centre aims to select, formulate and modify such materials and to process and characterise them in order to design and produce prototypes. Likewise, GAIKER-IK4 also aims to synthesise, formulate, transform and characterise smart materials and develops synthesis and functionalisation technologies for nanoparticles with different sizes and molecular compositions in light of their intended applications.

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