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NØF 2017 Population dynamics: a necessary link between ecology and evolution? | Bernt-Erik Sæther

“Population dynamics: a necessary link between ecology and evolution?” Bernt-Erik Sæther --- Variation in population size caused by density-dependence and fluctuations in the environment may strongly affect which phenotypes that contribute the most to future generations, introducing a link between ecological dynamics and evolutionary processes. Here I will present some recent attempts to include density dependence and environmental stochasticity in analyses of phenotypic selection. I will show evidence for that density dependent selection may be an important selective agent in natural populations. This may even induce r- and K-selection, in which phenotypes favoured at low densities are selected against at high population densities. I will argue that these results may have important implications for our understanding of phenotypic evolution as process in natural populations. --- From the third biennial conference of the Norwegian Ecological Society, taking place on the 12th and 13th of January 2017 at Blindern Campus, Oslo, organized and hosted by the Centre for Ecological and Evolutionary Synthesis (CEES). The theme of the conference is Evolutionary Ecology, emphasizing the growing links and merger between the separate traditions of ecology and evolutionary biology.


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