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What is an Ecosystem? | Kids Learning Videos | Oxford Secondary Science | eLearn K12

A living thing is all around us. They are in the air, on land, and in water. The environment of an organism consists of all the living and non-living things around that organism. A system formed by the interaction of living organisms and nonliving things in an environment called an ecosystem. There are two parts of ecosystems 1. The living or biotic part 2.The non-living or abiotic part. The place where an animal or plant lives and reproduces is called its habitat. Habitat provides the things an organism needs i.e food, water, shelter, etc. Many populations of organisms live in each habitat. Access eLearn Digital content/ videos on mobile Download eLearn App from Google play store. Android App: For More Information: Website: Web App: E-MAIL: eLearn is the official repository of digitized textbooks of Punjab. Each book has been augmented with Video Lectures, Illustrations, Animations, Simulations and Interactive Assessments. Through this website, you can access 30 Science and Maths textbooks for Grade 4-12 which have been augmented with 13,047 Video Lectures, 592 Simulations, 2100 Audio minutes and 1,830Animations. eLearn is developed by Punjab Information Technology Board in collaboration with Punjab Curriculum & Textbook Board and the School Education Department.

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