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Protection and Conservation of Environment, (Lecture 4) , FSC Biology book 1,

Amjad Umer Ranjha explained in this video lecture the protection and conservation of environment, the agriculture revolution, the industrial revolution, lead and chromium pollution, bioremediation, endangered species, extinct species, polution in Pakistan. #ProtectionandConservationofEnvironment ===== About: Amjad Umer Ranjha ===== Amjad Umer Ranjha is a teacher, a poet, a writer, a motivational speaker, a lecturer to biology at Govt Pir Yaqoob Shah Degree College Phalia, a lecturer to biology and chemistry at Professors Science Academy Phalia, M. Phil in Zoology from GCU Faisalbad, BS (Hons) in Zoology (Gold Medalist) from UE Lahore, FSC Pre Medical from GCU Lahore, Matric from Ghazali Model High School Phalia. He is a brilliant and conceptual tutor and mentor. He served as a teacher to biology and chemistry at Ghazali Model High School Phalia, Ghazali College for Girls and Boys Phalia and Govt PYS DC Phalia. His students are serving as Doctors, Engineers, Lawyers, Civil Servants, Teachers, Enterpreneures and Research Workers in different institutes and firms all over the country. He uploads his video lectures on Biology, chemistry, Poetry, Counselling and Current Affairs at youtube channel named as Amjad Umer Ranjha. Disease Control (Preventive Measures and Vaccination) For Drug Treatment and Cloning For Biology and the Service of Mankind Increasing Food Production ===== Follow me on the SOCIALS ===== Facebook: Amjad Umer Ranjha Email at for questions and mistakes in videos.

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