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Democratic Candidates on Nuclear - Fun Fact: Joe Biden Supports Nuclear Power

Despite not having said much publicly on the topic of nuclear power, Joe Biden DOES support nuclear, and opposed closing of Clinch River when most Democrats voted abandon the project. Andrew Yang has repeatedly expressed support for Thorium Reactors. In town halls, in policy proposal and in his candidacy blog. Popular Mechanics critiqued this proposal by citing solid-fuel challenges, despite there being no indication at all Andrew Yang is proposing solid-fuel reactors... in fact his website is very explicit about funding Thorium MOLTEN-SALT Reactor research. CNN Climate Change Town Hall - Andrew Yang transcript: Yang's policy blog mentioning Thorium Molten-Salt Reactors: Yang's Nuclear Power policy page mentioning Thorium Reactors: Cory Booker has also been a long-time strong supporter of Advanced Nuclear. 2019 Coal Ash Report:\%20Coal\%20Ash\%20Report\%203.4.19.pdf This video uses footage from "Thorium." a 6.5 hour documentary about Thorium Molten-Salt Reactors. I recommend using "4K Video Downloader" to repurpose my video assets directly off YouTube. More video assets can be found here:

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