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Designing Citizenship Science and Project-Based Learning Modules in Teaching Philippine Biodiversity

Expansive interest in preserving the world’s plant and animal species has been amplified in 30 years, and almost a million animal and plant species are at risk of extinction. This crisis was not previously realized in classrooms, because of the insufficiency of public education and grasp on biodiversity-related issues. This research is working towards developing Project-Based Learning +1 Pedagogy instructional modules infused with Citizenship Science in teaching Philippine ecology and biodiversity to high school learners taking Biology courses. The researcher used PBL +1 Pedagogy, to stimulate an interdisciplinary approach and to familiarize domestic ecology and biodiversity concepts. It was necessary to carry out trials on the modules in a class by administering a pre-experimental design with a one-group pretest-posttest model. There were 32 learners under the ‘Engineering and Science Education Program’ at Ramon Magsaysay Cubao High School who were subjected to researcher-made instructional modules. The experimental set was acquainted with Project-Based Learning +1 Pedagogy and infused with Citizenship Science projects such as Key Conservation Sites in the Philippines by Haribon, eBird, and BirdLife. The findings showed the validated and KR20- tested pretest was conducted in advance of their exposure to PBL+1P and Citizenship Science projects. Posttest was imposed after the instructional intervention. Data were examined with qualitative and quantitative procedures like the mean and dependent sample T-test. The outcomes revealed that the aggregate of learners with a significant gain of 5 and above was 27 or 84.38\%, while 5 or 15.63\% did not have a significant score gain. DESIGNING CITIZENSHIP SCIENCE AND PROJECT-BASED LEARNING +1 PEDAGOGY MODULES IN TEACHING PHILIPPINE ECOLOGY AND BIODIVERSITY AUTHORS: Stephen C. Capilitan, De La Salle University Voltaire M. Mistades, De La Salle University DISCLAIMER: This video abstract is presented as part of the 1st BCSP Digital Forum: Biodiversity Online on 22–23 August 2020 under the POSTGRADUATE presentations category. All video content, including images, data, views, and opinions are the property and responsibility of the research paper's authors.

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