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Environment, Pollution and Waste Management- Part 2| Acid Rain | Greenhouse gases | Global Warming |

In the last video, you learned what are air pollution and its effects. Because of air pollution, we witness acid rain. Now you will ask what Acid Rain is. Well, it looks, feels and tastes like normal rain but it isn’t. Acid rain is rainwater that has been made too acidic by certain types of air pollutants. Acid rain is very damaging to all living and nonliving things. Another cause of pollution is “The greenhouse effect”. It is the warming of Earth's surface and the air above it. It is caused by gases in the air that traps energy from the sun. These heat-trapping gases are called greenhouse gases. Because of which we see an increase in global warming. With climate change continuing to be a hot topic, it’s important for us to know about its consequences and should try to reduce air pollution. Here’s how you can prevent Air Pollution 1. Walk or use a bicycle to travel to short distance 2. Avoid burning leaves, trash, and other materials. 3. Reduce the number of trips you take in your car. Visit our Website: Subscribe our YouTube Channel: Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram:

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