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What is Ecosystem? | Different Types of Ecosystem | Environmental Science | EVS | Letstute

Hello Friends, Check out this video on "What is Ecosystem? | Different types of Ecosystem" in #Environmental Science (EVS) by Letstute. In this session we are going to study Ecosystem and its types. A community of lifeforms in concurrence with non-living components, interacting with each other is called an 'Ecosystem' or in simple language we can say that everything in our surrounding is an ecosystem. The term 'ecosystem' was coined by an English scientist ‘A. G. Tansley’ in the year 1953. An ecosystem can be broadly classified into two types: 1) Terrestrial ecosystem 2) Aquatic ecosystem Terrestrial ecosystem is land based and an aquatic ecosystem as the name suggests deals with a water-based ecosystem. Terrestrial ecosystem is further classified into 1) Forest 2) Grassland 3) Deserts 4) Tundra Aquatic ecosystem is further classified into 1) Marine ecosystem 2) Freshwater ecosystem Don't forget to Like, comment and share this video with your friends..!! You Can Also Buy Our Courses @ Amazon:- Flipkart:- Udemy:- For more Videos SUBSCRIBE:- Follow Us On Social Media Facebook Page:- Instagram:- Whatsapp:- Telegram:- Pinterest:- linkedin:- Twitter:- Subscribe Our Other Channels. Letstute Accountancy:- Letstute Hindi:- Letstute CBSE MATH:- V2Lead (Values To Lead) #letstute #ecosystem #evs #typesofecosystem

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