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Mr. Recycle Man | Recycling | Eco-educational song for kids | TE-TV Kids

Kids, family, musical puppets, animated music videos, upbeat FUN COOL MUSIC! Sing along with Mr. Recycle Man and "The Eco Team", Daisy, Little Buddy & Chef Green, while they teach JUST how easy & fun it is to learn how to recycle. Think Ecologically® with TE-TV Kids. Eco-edutainment for kids of all ages. Music that "parents" don't mind listening to and learning from too! Please connect with us, we want to hear from you. FACEBOOK: TWITTER: Please SUBSCRIBE to our YOUTUBE Channel LYRICS to Mr. Recycle Man Thinking green isn’t all that tough With my job I get to sort through stuff Deciding what goes in the recycle bin Teaching others what gets put in so Wash your milk jugs and their caps Did you know that flip flops can turn into doormats? I’m Mr. Recycle Man, I recycle right each day (or every day) My friend Eco showed me the way It’s so easy to do the 3R’s every day Reduce, Re-use, Recycle right, EVERYDAY I recycle steel, metal, cans and wires Shred cars and big trucks, even their tires Molten metal is reused for buildings and cars It’s SO easy to be a recycling rock star! Recycling cans saves lots of energy (so) Let’s help the environment, recycle properly I’m Mr. Recycle Man, I recycle right each day My friend Eco showed me the way It’s so easy to do the 3R’s every day Reduce, Re-use, Recycle right -- EVERYDAY! by Donna Bukevicz (ASCAP) & Ross Orenstein (BMI), exclusive use by Music as Message, LLC. Featuring CJ Watson on lead vocals and Donna Britton Bukevicz on background vocals. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OUR MISSION IS TO EMPOWER KIDS TO CARE! We are devoted to the well being of children living in a world where kids of all ages Think Ecologically®. Our family friendly musical messages combine education and entertainment to foster stewardship behaviors toward the environment, to promote community action and enhance learning through the arts. Our content has been developed using the guidelines of 21st Century Students for a Global Society using the  Four C’s, Critical Thinking, Communication, Creativity and Collaboration. With a “can-do-attitude”, kids, teens, parents and grandparents learn how to Think Ecologically® through fun, educational, upbeat, positive, happy, funny, light-hearted musical puppets, characters in costume, scripted episodes, animated music videos, rock star kids, teens and adult actors (who sing, dance and play instruments).  We call it Eco-Edutainment. Our musical messages enhance the ecological programs of our partnering organizations through ARTS.  Simply put, we add the A to STEM! TE-TV Kids is a division of Music as Message, LLC., a Florida Corporation. CREDITS: MR RECYCLE MAN was written by Ross Orenstein (BMI) and Donna Bukevicz (ASCAP). A special thanks to our good friend Jason Ahlbrandt of Red Guitar Studios in Nashville, TN - who produced this song (played all the instruments). YOU ROCK Jason! NASHVILLE STUDIO & PRODUCTION WORK: Mr. Recycle Man’s singing voice is CJ Watson. CJ is one of the most talented songwriters and performers in Nashville and his talent shines in this song. Thanks to his post-production chops done at Beaird Music Group Studios, Nashville, TN. Puppeteers: Mr. Recycle Man (Andy Clinton), Chef Green (James Kemp), Daisy (Jennifer Himes) and Little Buddy (Savannah McEwen). James Kemp designed all of the puppets and we can't thank him enough for his incredible work. Check him out at A special thanks to James Roy at WSRE for all you pre and post production work on this music video. Without your hard work and devotion this project would be nowhere. ================================================= CORPORATE | TRADEMARK | COPYRIGHT: TE-TV Kids (Think Ecologically® TV) is a DBA Music as Message, LLC., a Florida Corporation. All content is owned and trademarked by Music as Message, LLC. Think Ecologically® is a registered trademark owned by Music as Message, LLC. CONTACT: Music as Message, LLC., a Florida Corporation, 301 Schubert Drive Pensacola, Florida 32504. EMAIL: * 804. 384.6219 Donna Bukevicz - (c)2018 All Rights Reserved MUSIC: With the exception of Think Ecologically & Lean Green Dancing Machine songs, all music and lyrics have been written by Donna Bukevicz (ASCAP) & Ross Orenstein (BMI) and is exclusively owned by Music as Message, LLC., a Florida Corporation.


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