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36th Youth Debate part 3/3: Environmental education is more effective than laws

SCW 36th Youth Debate -Round 3 (Winner Round 1 and 2): Environmental education is more effective than laws to improve the waste situation in Cambodia The 36th Cambodian Youth Debate was organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment (MoE). The event took place on 28 April 2016 at TVK studios, Phnom Penh. More than 120 students attended to support their universities. Debaters: Royal University of Agriculture (RUA): PRO versus Royal University of Law and Economics (RULE): CON Winner: RULE Reasoning: According to RULE legislation and law enforcement is needed for imminent change in Cambodian. However, RUA presented education as sustainable and long-term method to change people’s behavior with slightly stronger arguments. The event was facilitated by Ms. KIN Samnang from the Department of Environmental Education. In each session students from 2 universities debate in 3 phases: - individual opening statement - Q&A with opposing group - final statement by group speaker Five judges determine the winning team, according to strength of arguments and overall presentation. - Mr. KUNG Seakly, MoE - Mr. KOK Sothea, RUPP - Mr. KEO Buntheng, CMU - Ms .SAO Socheata, RULE - Ms. HOR Souliong,RUA - Honorary guest singer song-writer Ms. MEAS Soksophea - Mr. CHAN Vicheth, Program Manager SCW The objectives: - to raise public awareness-on environmental issues - capacity building of students through experiencing real life methodology of research, preparing arguments & presentation - environmental action and personal development of students to become ambassadors to their family, friends & networks. - educate Civil Society through TV broad castings to engage them more actively in environmental protection - inspire the government to consider necessary actions, proposed from within society

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