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Popular Science Writing
This Lecture talks about Popular Science Writing.

Thermonuclear Fusion. Trapping the Sun’s Energy | Document...
Thermonuclear Fusion. Trapping the Sun’s Energy ?All Documentaries: ?Subscribe and hit the bell:[Read More]

Popular Mechanics News: Solar Is the Cheapest Electricity in...
Hey!, This is a great article written by Popular Mechanics, which I used to read back in the day when I was a kid. But today, they're officially reporting that solar is the cheapest electricity in hi...[Read More]

Popular Science Lecture on World Environment Day at SSC Patn...
World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated on 5 June every year, and is the United Nations' principal vehicle for encouraging awareness and action for the protection of the environment. First held in 1...[Read More]

Democratic Candidates on Nuclear - Fun Fact: Joe Biden Suppo...
Despite not having said much publicly on the topic of nuclear power, Joe Biden DOES support nuclear, and opposed closing of Clinch River when most Democrats voted abandon the project. Andrew Yang has...[Read More]

Vox Pop Science And Environmental Debris
A phenomenon that has deeply affected our oceans due to our own doings, marine debris is no longer a stranger. Today, there is no place on Earth immune to this problem.

Which planets have an atmosphere. Planets atmosphere. Escape...
Which planets have an atmosphere. Planets atmosphere. Escape velocity. popular science. astronomy #planetatmosphere #astronomy #enlightenment In this video we found out how planets build and hold t...[Read More]

'Power mushroom' turns light into clean energy - Tom...
HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY — A team from the Stevens Institute of Technology have developed a 'power mushroom' able to create renewable energy. According to their study, published in the paper Nano Journ...[Read More]

Global Warming | Greenhouse Gases | Ways to Reduce Greenhous...
Greenhouse effect Gases responsible for global warming • Water vapor (H2O) • Carbon dioxide (CO2) • Methane (CH4) • Nitrous oxide (N2O) • Ozone (O3) • Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) •...[Read More]

Which Americans’ Diets Produces the Most Greenhouse Gasses...
Coming up with climate change solutions with social sensitivity in mind.

Atomic Comics: Evolving Depictions of Science in Comic Books...
This presentation will address the history of how nuclear issues have been portrayed (and misportrayed) in comic books on the last 60 years. Once the shining savior of humanity, nuclear power has mov...[Read More]

The Pitfalls of Pop Science!
Sundance Bilson-Thompson discusses the pitfalls of pop-science and the practicality of scientific literacy. Discussion points: - The value in questioning accepted wisdom - popularizing science should...[Read More]

Ecology:   |  biodiversity  |  habitat  |  niche  |  niche construction  |  biome  |  biosphere  |  individual ecology  |  population ecology  |  ecosystem  |  keystone species
Pollution:   |  air pollution  |  light pollution  |  littering  |  noise  |  radioactive  |  water pollution
Sustainability:   |  social  |  economic  |  environment  |  organizations  |  sustainable development  |  sustainable life
Environment:   |  environmental education  |  recycling  |  environmental health  |  conservation  |  animals  |  forests  |  ecosystems  |  clean energy
Climate-change:   |  atmosphere  |  cfcs  |  greenhouse gases  |  NASA  |  glaciers  |  carbon emission  |  solar output