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Breaking News - Study warns glacier melting already passed ...
Nothing that humans do now will limit the melting of glaciers over the next 100 years, according to new research.Scientists from two European universities concluded that 'even if all emissions were cu...[Read More]

Volcanic Heat Source Discovered Beneath Antarctic's Most...
Volcanic Heat Source Discovered Beneath Antarctic's Most Vulnerable Glacier. But Climate Change Is Still Worse Volcanic Heat Source Discovered Beneath Antarctic's Most Vulnerable Glacier. But Climate...[Read More]

International Field Research: Exploring a Glacier!
Students from the 2011 International Research Program in Switzerland reflect on their experiences in hiking to a glacier. For more information visit

Glacier National Park Climate - NASA DEVELOP Fall 2016 @ Lan...
DEVELOP addresses environmental and public policy issues through interdisciplinary research projects that apply the lens of NASA Earth observations to community concerns around the globe. Bridging the...[Read More]

Session 2 - Politics of the Transition to Renewable Energy |...
THE NEW SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH | The Bottom Line on Climate Change: Transitioning to Renewable Energy World's leading climate economists look to the future of ene...[Read More]

NASA Armstrong - ATTREX Chapter 3: Kiss Sky
This 10-minute, 46-second video shows how our atmosphere consists of several layers and each plays a different role in our climate. The bottom two layers are the troposphere and the stratosphere, and ...[Read More]

General Climate Change video -- NASA Earth Sciences
Climate Change video - USFS R6

Wind: An Energy Alternative.
Department of Energy. Solar Energy Research Institute. 1980

Western Canadian Glaciers Under Climate Change
Glaciers are ancient rivers of ice that creep through the landscape, shaping the planet's surface. They are also the Earth's largest freshwater reservoir. And that has a huge impact on fisheries, on w...[Read More]

Alzheimer's Disease Is Linked To Air Pollution
Researchers have discovered the air pollution may cause Alzheimers. Co-senior author of the study, Caleb Finch, stated, “Although the link between air pollution and Alzheimer’s disease is...[Read More]

Energy EXPO 2017 Panel 6: Renewable Energy 1: Overview
Learn more at Amy Halloran, Senior Manager for Renewable Energy Programs, Sandia National Laboratories Sandia National Laboratories has the second largest portfolio of re...[Read More]

Young Xplorers research Fuel of the Future (Wind Energy)
Young Xplorers from Detroit, Michigan builds a wind turbine. Student scientist, Jason Young, builds a wind turbine and demostrates how it operates.

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