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Solar District Cup 2020 Competition Event: The Ohio State Un...
Presentation by The Ohio State University in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar District Cup Collegiate Design Competition 2020 competition event on April 26, 2020. This team competed in the Ball...[Read More]

An Introduction to Nuclear Energy and CASEnergy
In this video, CASEnergy Coalition's Co-Chairs Gov. Christine Todd Whitman and Dr. Patrick Moore join prominent figures from the African-American and Latino communities to discuss training programs an...[Read More]

Solar Panels and Batteries: A Cheap Rural Energy Source
Geoffrey Heal, Donald C. Waite III Professor of Social Enterprise and Chazen Senior Scholar at Columbia Business School, shares how Columbia University faculty are bringing renewable energy to rural c...[Read More]

TRTL Solar Powered House - DelftX - Solar Energy Course - e...
TRTL stands for Technological Residence Traditional Living, is a home designed for the native peoples in Southern Alberta by University of Calgary, Canada. This video is presented for all my fellow c...[Read More]

Energy Revolution
We can launch an energy revolution that drastically decreases CO2 emission and other deleterious consequences associated with fossil fuel burning. Energy extraction can be cut by more than 50\% by co...[Read More]

Nuclear Energy should be the next generation power source | ...
Nuclear Energy should be the next generation power source by Mickko Radan from Polytechnic University of the Philippines EAPP

Estimating U.S. Solar Capacity through Machine Learning
Duke University students and faculty use machine learning algorithms and their knowledge of engineering to identify rooftop solar panels in the United States. Project researchers and mentors for this ...[Read More]

UK attachments to nuclear power – a military romance?
Join CND for a discussion with Professor Andy Stirling and Dr Phil Johnstone, in conversation with CND Chair Dave Webb, about the connections between the UK’s nuclear weapons programme and nuclear p...[Read More]

Australian Icon Joins The Solar Energy Revolution
Solar energy has become part of everyday at Australia Post's Melbourne CBD headquarters. National solar solutions provider Energy Matters installed a 6kW solar power system as a part of a long term co...[Read More]

Why are fast breeder reactors not the best option for nuclea...
To view Full video: This is a webinar from Series which is organized by Free Press Journal, in association with NMIMS and Tata Power. Mr. M V Ramana,Professor with Univers...[Read More]

Solar Roof at Cambridge University Press
In 2019 we built one of the UK's largest flat roof solar installations at our headquarters in Cambridge, UK. It reduces our carbon footprint in Cambridge by roughly 20\%. In sunny weather, the panel...[Read More]

06 April 2020 17:00 - Author : PAOLA VIRGINIA Gigliotti - Category : Debate Perugia (Italy) University of Medicine Perugia (Italy) University of Medicine University for Peace - The life after. Sport H...[Read More]

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