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Manchester Metropolitan University install solar panels on B...
As part of the EU funded Smart Cities project called Triangulum, Manchester Metropolitan installed 584 panels covering the roof of Brooks building.

Floating wind turbine revealed at UMaine
The base for a floating wind turbine was unveiled Wednesday at University of Maine Orono. The turbine will be shipped down the Penobscot River and out to the Gulf of Maine where it will become the fi...[Read More]

Vertical Solar and Wind Energy Tower | Power Engineering FYP...
Since most of the present energy demand is met by fossil fuels and nuclear power plants. A small part is met by renewable energy technologies. Among them, the wind and solar power sources have experie...[Read More]

Introduction to the Solar Energy Series (MOOC)
The University at Buffalo Center for Industrial Effectiveness (TCIE), in collaboration with SUNY Erie Community College, developed a series of online courses that delve into the principles and technic...[Read More]

Time Lapse of Harvard's Largest Solar Project Being Installe...
In May 2012 Harvard Athletics completed a six week renewable project as it installed a layer of 2,275 solar panels on the roof of Gordon Track. The 600kW installation is Harvard University's largest s...[Read More]

WIND POWER I by RAMA REDDY former prof of anna university

Solar Power Makes Gains in US
Two universities in Washington, D.C., plan to soon start buying half of their electricity from solar-power farms 400 kilometers away. The schools expect the project will save millions of dollars durin...[Read More]

Nuclear Energy
More Info Read Nuclear Energy Charles D. Ferguson Download Originally perceived as a cheap and plentiful source of power, the commercial use of nuclear energy has been controversia...[Read More]

Environmental YouTube Project
This video is a requirement for MPHP 429: Environmental Health: Taught through the Public Health Department at CWRU. This video is a parody of the syndicated Dr. Oz Show (c). This video does not refle...[Read More]

Health and the Environment
Ali Abdulnabi Mohamed, Founding President of the Friends of the Environment Society, is a final year medical student who has dedicated his life to raising awareness towards health and the environment....[Read More]

Maine has approved wind power contract with UMaine
The state of Maine has approved a wind power contract for a University of Maine project. Researchers will test floating wind turbines near Monhegan Island.

MSc Solar Energy Systems
The MSc Solar Energy Systems course is the first and only course of its kind in the UK, focusing on solar as a renewable energy in postgraduate study. You will develop an in-depth understanding of the...[Read More]

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