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9. Integrating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in H...
IAU webinar - 29/09/2020

Mahesh Pradhan - Introduction
Mahesh Pradhan (Environmental Education and Training Unit, UNEP) comments on the role of higher education in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the need for this project in building ...[Read More]

Heriot Watt MEng Mechanical Engineering Final Project 2013 S...
Heriot Watt MEng Mechanical Engineering Final Project 2013

Can Solar Technology Kill Cancer Cells? | Michigan State Uni...
Sophia and Richard Lunt, MSU researchers, take evening walks through their neighborhood to spur their “aha” moments. Their latest discovery revealed – for the first time – a new way to detect ...[Read More]

It Takes Energy: Environmental Sustainability at ASU Podcast
The environmental sustainability podcast focuses on how Appalachian State University conserves and generates energy, and addresses what students can do to be more sustainable in their daily lives. It ...[Read More]

Renewable Energy: Solar Panels Overview
NMSU Professor Thomas Jenkins talks about he difference between polycrystalline and concentrating lens photovoltaic panels. He also compares a passive single-axis tracker and with a fixed-rack mount.

Monash University - Master of Environment and Sustainability...
Sustainability is the Future. Is it Yours? Are you passionate about creating a better future? Do you want to make your mark in Sustainability? Join us to learn more about the awarding-winning Master o...[Read More]

What happens inside a nuclear reactor?| The Future of Nuclea...
To view full video: This is a webinar from Series which is organized by Free Press Journal, in association with NMIMS and Tata Power. Mr. M V Ramana,Professor with Univers...[Read More]

[Lecture] Pursuing Sustainability: Environmental and Financi...
In December 2016, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government formulated a new comprehensive four-year plan called “New Tokyo. New Tomorrow. The Action Plan for 2020". The Action Plan charts the course to...[Read More]

Solar Panel and Wind Turbine Installation
At the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mississippi State University, USA

Wind Energy
Brendan travels to the University of California at Davis to visit a wind energy lab! There researchers and students are working to improve the efficiency of wind turbines. They study how wind travel...[Read More]

Excitement About Wind Energy Systems — University of Olden...
Excitement About Wind Energy Systems — University of Oldenburg - wind energy system In this case, the turbine has a 45 percent (7,884 divided by 17,520) capacity element. Rememberthis does not im...[Read More]

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