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10 Ways Living Creatures Have Evolved in Modern Times
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What can invasive plants teach us about leadership? | Anna S...
In her research on tamarix, an invasive plant species, ecologist Anna Sher Simon made a startling discovery - the plant is unable to take over an ecosystem unless the ecosystem is already damaged. How...[Read More]

Uma Ramakrishnan (NCBS) 1: Biogeography: Studying the distri... Part 1: Biogeography: Studying the distribution of species across space: Dr. Uma Ramakrishnan explains factors that shape biodiversity, and shows that...[Read More]

Friends with Benefits: Microbes, Diet & Me - Eric Alm, P...
ON BEING HUMAN (series title) Exploring the layers of the human experience LEE AND NILE ALBRIGHT ANNUAL SYMPOSIUM Friends with Benefits: Microbes, Diet & Me Wednesday, October 7, 2015 Eric Alm, PhD,...[Read More]

HHMI Educator Tips -- Lizard Evolution Virtual Lab
Mark Eberhard describes how he uses the Lizard Evolution Virtual Lab with his students, to reinforce key concepts in ecology, genetics, and evolution. His AP Biology students use the lab to make cross...[Read More]

Galapagos Finch Evolution — HHMI BioInteractive Video
The Galápagos finches remain one of our world’s greatest examples of adaptive radiation. Watch as evolutionary biologists Rosemary and Peter Grant detail their 40-year project to painstakingly docu...[Read More]

Keynote Talk: Model Based Machine Learning
The Academic Research Summit, co-organized by Microsoft Research and the Association for Computing Machinery, is a forum to foster meaningful discussion among the Indian computer science research comm...[Read More]

Life on Earth 004 - Bacteria Paul Andersen describes the defining characteristics of the domain Eubacteria. He begins with a quick description of the phylogeny of bacteria and horizontal gene transf...[Read More]

How smart are animals? New research dispels old myths about ...
How smart are animals? In this entertaining, thought-provoking documentary, we explore exciting new research and dispel old myths about how animals really think. #TheNatureOfThings • • • • ...[Read More]

BY: NILESH SONI BEST OF SPECIES INTERACTIONS PART I:- For ecology video (species interactions part III):- For genetics video (Probability...[Read More]

The arms race between a parasite and its host | Ellen De Cae...
Some people know Professor Ellen from "boterhammen in de bib" ("Sandwiches at the Library") in Kortrijk, but in academic circles she is well known for her research in aquatic ecology and evolutionary ...[Read More]

Bill Nye the Science Guy S02E15 Forests
Bill Nye the Science Guy playlist: Check out all episode of Bill Nye the Science Guy in my chanel. For more Bill Nye the Science Guy, follow us by subscribe. Thank you.

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