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Sustainable Economics: Panel Discussion on INET's Bretto...
Alex Evans is the head of the Resource Scarcity, Climate Change and Multilateralism program at New York University, and a speaker at INET's Bretton Woods Conference on April 10, 2011.

Sustainability and the low carbon economy
Warwick Global Energy MBA students have taken a trip to Vancouver to learn about the North American climate agenda, what sustainability really is and how it fits into corporate social responsibility. ...[Read More]

Economic Growth and/or Sustainability? Andy Stirling and Ric...
Event organised by the Pluralist Economics at Sussex (PEAS) Together with Richard Tol (professor in Economics, department of Economics, University of Sussex; profe...[Read More]

Chalmers sustainability day – A deep dig into circular eco...
Filmed lectures from the Masterclass on circular economy at Chalmers Sustainability Day, 8 November 2019. Speakers: Eva Ahlner, Leonardo Rossado, Maria Ljunggren Söderman, Leif Asp, Árni Halldórsso...[Read More]

How Sustainability relates to Tourism and Economic Developme...
Simon Hudson, Ph.D. discusses how sustainability relates to tourism and economic development in the state of South Carolina. Dr. Hudson is the endowed chair at the University of South Carolina's Smar...[Read More]

Capitalism and sustainability: Professor Tim Jackson, Univer...
Professor Tim Jackson, University of Surrey, discusses capitalism and its links with sustainability.

(AV15747) Sustainability Economic
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CIED10 Sports economic sustainability roundtable
Vídeo de la mesa redonda del jueves 13 de junio en el Auditorio del Campus Ciutadella de la Universitat Pompeu Fabra de Barcelona en la primera Jornada del X Congreso Iberoamericano de Economía del ...[Read More]

EKU's Sustainability Program
Sustainability is much more than recycling or preserving trees. It’s a practical approach toward making decisions that limit our negative impacts on the environment, while at the same time imp...[Read More]

Greg Delaune - Community Engagement for Sustainable Economic...
Greg Delaune is an internationally recognized consultant, teacher, speaker, and writer specializing in sustainable economic development and public-private partnerships (PPPs) for green cities and smar...[Read More]

How to ensure sustainability through local economic developm...
How to ensure sustainability through local economic development in Africa M. Adil Sait, London School of Economics, UK Moderator: Prof. Gadzama N. Mamadu, University of Maiduguri, Nigeria Rapporteur:...[Read More]

Sustainability in Practice Certificate - Business Management...
Nottingham Trent University

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