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Everyone Can Play: 10 Pedagogical Practices - Dr. Lee Knefel...
Presenter: Dr. L. Lee Knefelkamp Keynote Speaker Attendees will explore ten pedagogical practices that have proven effective in increasing student intellectual development, involvement with college ...[Read More]

A New Day: Family, School, and Community Engagement in Educa...
Recorded on June 30, 2010, this was the second webinar in the "Achieving Excellence and Innovation in Family, School, and Community Engagement" (FSCE) series. We are approaching a new day where famil...[Read More]

Sussex Mindfulness Centre Conference 2017
Sussex Mindfulness Centre Conference 2017 - A Critical Look at Mindfulness: Safety, Ethics and Integrity Friday 30th June 2017, Friends Meeting House, Brighton Talks and timings: 0:00 - 8:16 ...[Read More]

Global food security: The challenge and promise for higher e...
The Deaton Institute is an organization committed to university programs with transdisciplinary approaches to understanding and finding solutions to global food security and ending extreme poverty in ...[Read More]

Resilience Training In Equilibrium
Resilience Training: This 5 minute video provides an example from the online course. The course itself lasts an hour. For more info on the e-learning course...[Read More]

The Importance of Gender Balance - Tiffany Kelly - BOLDtalks...
Gender equality and women in leadership are hot topics globally at the moment and are usually put into the bracket of diversity and inclusion. There is however a powerful business case for creating ge...[Read More]

Food Deserts, Food Sovereignty, and Urban Food Security
DANIEL BLOCK is a professor of geography at Chicago State University and the director of the Fred Blum Neighborhood Assistance Center. He has a particular interest in inner-city food access issues. He...[Read More]

2017 Festival of Texas Fiddling Symposium Session
The 2017 Festival of Texas Fiddling Symposium Session took place on December 1, 2017 at the historic Twin Sisters Dance Hall in Blanco, TX. The session was sponsored by Humanities Texas, with the goa...[Read More]

Louis Riel Day 2014
In celebration of Louis Riel Day, the Law Society considered section 91(24) of the Constitution Act and its implications of recent high court decisions on Métis and Aboriginal peoples.

Improving Outcomes for Students in Rural Areas: The Promise ...
This REL Northwest webinar looks at some of the challenges in rural education and the promise of educator networks as a response to those challenges. It explores successes and challenges of three netw...[Read More]

The Chicago Cultural Plan at Year One - Julie Burros
Julie Burros, director of Cultural Planning for the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events Director of Cultural Planning, Julie Burros, will detail what's been happening in...[Read More]

Internationalisation of Universities – ‘What is it good ...
Dr. Christopher Hill, Associate Professor of Education, Director of Doctoral Training Centre at BUiD was a keynote speaker at Seventh SHARE Policy Dialogue, which was held on 31 October-1 November 201...[Read More]

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