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ERIC HOVERSON College university teacher fish instructor pro...
ERIC HOVERSON College teacher instructor professor teaching students methods principals of Water Processes Restoration Washington Oregon Wisconsin trout salmon aquatic river stream habitat inventory m...[Read More]

Belize Mangrove Habitat Creation using Riley Encased Methodo...
Mangrove Creation and Reforestation Project in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye using the Riley Encased Methodology. Through a collaborative initiative we co-sponsored a capacity building workshop and settin...[Read More]

Mountain Lions
Pacific Currents host Steve Johnson interviews guest Zara McDonald about mountain lion conservation (episode #229). Zara is Executive Director of Felidae Conservation Fund, helping to protect the wor...[Read More]

Eco-Rehabilitation of Biodiversity in Forest Destroyed by Go...
Twitter @juangangel The environmental impact of mining includes erosion, formation of sinkholes, loss of biodiversity, and contamination of soil, groundwater, surface water by chemicals from mining pr...[Read More]

"Radical" Youth and Global Politics: Anjali Appadu...
Born in India and raised in Canada, Anjali began to explore ideas of social justice while in high school. She started by working with the Canadian Red Cross, then went on to attend the United World Co...[Read More]

Mapping by drone - Africa to Antartica | Barbara Breen | TED...
While some drones are used to destroy, Barbara's team uses them – complete with military guidance technology – to map threatened ecosystems in Africa, Australia and Antarctica. Barbara is a seni...[Read More]

RET PROMO-High School Innovative Design Competition
High school students demonstrate their creative potential when they learn how to think both like engineers and scientists. During the past year, hundreds of high school science students designed creat...[Read More]

The Mangrove Action Project - Mangrove Forest Restoration &a...
The animation illustrates the growing importance of mangroves to the health of the planet and our future. An integral link between land and sea, mangroves protect coastal areas and communities from hu...[Read More]

Quadrat Sampling 2012.mp4
A preparatory video showing how to perform a quadrat sample at the Granger Bay site, in Greenpoint, for Gd 10 (CAPS) Life Sciences, as part of the Ecosystem study.

SunRidge Schoolyard Habitat Restoration Project (2012-2013)
Description A U.S. Fish & Wildlife grant provided students at SunRidge Charter School (Sebastopol, CA) the unique opportunity to create an environmental learning center at their country campus.

Adaptations required by animals on the rocky shore .....wmv
A video made by Gd 10 pupils as part of their Ecosystem study for Life Sciences (CAPS).

Understanding Roots Exploring Plants Underground 11 16 15
Presented as part of the " Focus on Sustainability" webinar series on November 16, 2015 by Robert Kourik. In this webinar based upon Robert Kourik’s two books on the subject, Understanding Roots: ...[Read More]

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