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NASA's Arctic Lasers (HBO)
NASA released new global surface temperature data in mid-January, confirming that last year was the hottest ever recorded — for the third year in a row. Sea ice was also at the lowest levels ever me...[Read More]

NASA's 20-year time-lapse shows how Earth is changing
A stunning new NASA time-lapse video crams 20 years of Earth into just a few minutes. It is helping scientists learn a lot more about global warming and how the earth is changing. Chip Reid reports. ...[Read More]

NASA Scientists present “Why Our Future Depends on the Arc...
A recording of our first-ever Zoom event! Dr. Steven Zornetzer and Dr. Tony Strawa, along with Dr. Leslie Field, provide insight into the importance of Arctic ice preservation and how the Earth's heat...[Read More]

NASA's 20 year time lapse shows how Earth is changing
From: CBS This Morning

Global warming: Future may be rainier than expected, NASA st...
PASADENA, CALIFORNIA — A new study prepared by scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory shows the amount of rain in tropical regions may increase in the future due to global warming. The...[Read More]

NASA Arctic Airborne Research Mission ACRTAS
Arctic Research of the Composition of the Troposphere from Aircraft and Satellites (ARCTAS) The NASA ARCTAS mission provided retrieval algorithm validation and correlative information uniquely accessi...[Read More]

NASA Armstrong - ATTREX Chapter 3: Kiss Sky
This 10-minute, 46-second video shows how our atmosphere consists of several layers and each plays a different role in our climate. The bottom two layers are the troposphere and the stratosphere, and ...[Read More]

General Climate Change video -- NASA Earth Sciences
Climate Change video - USFS R6

How NASA will deal with cuts to earth science
Acting NASA Administrator Robert Lightfoot says the canceled missions were low-priority and duplicated the work of current satellites. Learn more about this story at Find more v...[Read More]

NASA Scientist Predicted Climate Change 30 Years Ago
This NASA scientist predicted global warming with 90\% accuracy 30 years ago.

Climate change statistics: Gavin Schmidt, Director of NASA G...
Presentation on "Global Surface Temperature Monitoring at NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies" given at UNECE Expert Forum on climate change-related statistics, held in Rome, Italy, on 3-5 Octobe...[Read More]

NASA climate study traces big increase in methane
A sharp increase in global methane emissions in the past decade is, in fact, from the fossil fuel industry, a new NASA study finds -- and the rise is "substantially larger" than previously thought. S...[Read More]

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