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Ministerial Address followed by Fuel Poverty and Climate Cha...
Ministerial Address by Rt Hon Kwasi Kwarteng MP, Minister of State for Business, Energy and Clean Growth Seminar: Fuel Poverty and Climate Change: The UK’s commitment to achieving Net Zero carbon e...[Read More]

Tanzanian scientist excel in the UK as world leaders focus ...
Dr. Alex Paurine, excel on finding solution on how to reduce carbon emission that has huge effect on global climate change

Teachers Take Action To Reduce Carbon Footprint | Eng. Subti...
In Buldhana district, six teachers decided to stop using private motorcycles and started using a shared autorickshaw to come to work. They took this simple and effective step to reduce their carbon fo...[Read More]

World carbon dioxide emissions hit record level
A new report says the world hit a record for carbon dioxide emissions this year, raising concerns about the impact on climate change. CBS News contributing meteorologist Jeff Berardelli joined CBSN AM...[Read More]

CARBON TRADING & CLIMATE CHANGE #carbonTrading #climateC...
#royalsEducation presents CARBON TRADING & CLIMATE CHANGE #carbonTrading #climateChange for #upsc #rpsc #UPPSC #BPSC #NDA #CDS #AFCAT #SSC-CGL #NTPC #SSBinterviews The same video is available in Hindi...[Read More]

5 steps for climate-resilient business | Green Economy Vlog
How can businesses in the Agri & food sector reduce carbon emissions and become more resilient in coping with the consequences of climate change? Wageningen Economic Research offers businesses five c...[Read More]

UNWTO Tourism Carbon Emissions Report Launched at COP25
Video brought to you by the Travel and Tourism Foundation ( and Travelindex ( For all business, licensing or any other inquiries please contact u...[Read More]

Manmade Carbon Emissions Can Be Offset by Tree Planting
Just over 1/10th of the land on Earth is ripe for planting new trees. New research suggests that tree planting and reforestation is far more powerful in fixing the harm done to our environment by carb...[Read More]

Bitcoin use causing huge CO2 emissions: Study says
if you are in to Bitcoin or you like to know about bitcoin so this video us only for you ! after long time and long recharge scientist had find out that the Bitcoin causes the the high level of carb...[Read More]

Unchecked carbon emissions could jeopardize plants, animals ...
Unchecked carbon emissions could jeopardize plants, animals in world's most vital habitats. If carbon emissions continue to rise unchecked, half of the plant and animal species in the world’s m...[Read More]

Maximum warming occurs ~10 years after CO2 emission
Katharine L. Ricke and Ken Caldeira, "Maximum warming occurs about one decade after a carbon dioxide emission", Environmental Research Letters, 2014.[Read More]

Greta Thunberg | How Dare You Rap | Teacher Rap #climatechan...
After seeing Greta Thunberg's courage and audacity speaking at the UN, saying "How Dare You", I was inspired to make this video. I am working on taking down my carbon footprint on climate change and a...[Read More]

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