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Teachers Take Action To Reduce Carbon Footprint | Eng. Subti...
In Buldhana district, six teachers decided to stop using private motorcycles and started using a shared autorickshaw to come to work. They took this simple and effective step to reduce their carbon fo...[Read More]

CARBON TRADING & CLIMATE CHANGE #carbonTrading #climateC...
#royalsEducation presents CARBON TRADING & CLIMATE CHANGE #carbonTrading #climateChange for #upsc #rpsc #UPPSC #BPSC #NDA #CDS #AFCAT #SSC-CGL #NTPC #SSBinterviews The same video is available in Hindi...[Read More]

Unchecked carbon emissions could jeopardize plants, animals ...
Unchecked carbon emissions could jeopardize plants, animals in world's most vital habitats. If carbon emissions continue to rise unchecked, half of the plant and animal species in the world’s m...[Read More]

Greta Thunberg | How Dare You Rap | Teacher Rap #climatechan...
After seeing Greta Thunberg's courage and audacity speaking at the UN, saying "How Dare You", I was inspired to make this video. I am working on taking down my carbon footprint on climate change and a...[Read More]

Simple Animated Video: What is a carbon footprint? What can ...
This short and fun video explains what a carbon footprint is and how you can reduce yours to minimise your impact on the planet. Share to help educate everyone on how to lessen impacts of climate chan...[Read More]

Climate change: 'Bleak' outlook as carbon emissions ...
Countries will have to increase their carbon-cutting ambitions five fold if the world is to avoid warming by more than 1.5C, the UN says. The annual emissions gap report shows that even if all curren...[Read More]

Carbon emissions dropped 17 percent globally amid coronaviru...
Carbon emissions dropped 17 percent globally amid coronavirus “Globally, we haven’t seen a drop this big ever, and at the yearly level, you would have to go back to World War II to see such a big ...[Read More]

US Sec of State meets Sonia Gandhi, school kids hold climate...
(20 Jul 2009) SHOTLIST 1. United States Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton walking from car, zoom in as she shakes hands with Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi 2. Cutaway of cameraman ...[Read More]

Oregon kid testifies about climate change: It ‘sounds more...
Portland 7th grader at Northwest Academy, Jeremy Clark, gave testimony earlier this month before a joint meeting of the Oregon Legislature’s environment committees in support of Senate Bill 557 and ...[Read More]

Climate Change and Carbon Emissions
What is carbon emission? How can the reduction of carbon emissions help tackle climate change? Here are some of the insights shared by academia and experts. All of us should act now and pursue a low-...[Read More]

Climate change and carbon emission in Tamil by Dr. S.Sri Ume...
What can YOU do? Simple ways to reduce carbon emissions & to act on climate change - inTamil by Dr. S.Sri Umeswara

Martijn Wilder on climate change as a global issue
Partner and Head Global Climate Change Team, Baker & McKenzie

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