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Liam O'Brien: The Holistic Energy and Carbon Emission Im...
The Holistic Energy and Carbon Emission Impacts of Telework (Conscious Cities Festival 2020 London) Session Description: Starting in the 1970s, telework was widely touted as a working style with a l...[Read More]

How AI contributes to reducing carbon emissions and energy c...
Claude Michel - Founder - Head of AI at Sapienx SapienX helps organisations to deliver AI-based solutions at scale. In this talk, we will showcase how SapienX helped NZ's leading energy efficiency pr...[Read More]

EGU2012: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions: renewable energy...
Press Conference at the 2012 General Assembly of the European Geosciences Union. (Credit: EGU/ The European Geosciences Union (EGU, is Europe's premier geosciences union, ...[Read More]

Energy Apps: Software that Cuts Carbon Emissions - Wolfgang...
Dr. Press unveils software applications that will help shorten the timeline to reach COP21 Climate Change mitigation goals. streams live on the Internet from 12:00 noon to 5:00 ...[Read More]

Stakeholders Join in Beijing to Drive the World Carbon Emiss...
The 7th Total China Scientific Forum (TCSF) opened in Beijing today, dedicated to Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS). More than 150 experts and guests from Chinese universities, research i...[Read More]

Researchers quantify emissions generated from carbon storage
Carbon storage can help offset global emissions, but managing carbon reservoirs results in energy and emissions penalties. Stanford researchers quantified these emissions, and found that treating sali...[Read More]

Daily Energy Use and Carbon Emissions
NCSE Flash Talk by Bruce Logan, Ph.D. Penn State University

Energy and carbon emissions | Viacheslav Zgonnik
Fireside chat: Viacheslav Zgonnik - Co-Founder and CEO, Natural Hydrogen Energy LLC Moderator: Maximilian Jarrett, Senior Advisor, Africa #ChangeNOW2020 30, 31 Jan. & 1st Feb. 2020 | Grand Palais,...[Read More]

Why Modern Heating Systems Can Tackle Carbon Emissions and H...
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Plastics can be made of carbon emissions.
Ellen Fors is an R&D Engineer at the energy company Vattenfall. And now she explores how industries can develop new sustainable ways to produce and recycle plastics. One such way could be to recycle c...[Read More]

Clean energy and carbon emission targets still face challeng...
China is placing environmental issues on top of its reform list. The country will adopt a brand new set of performance measures for local governments, taking in a healthy environment, such as air qual...[Read More]

How to Save Energy and Reduce Carbon Emissions at Home!!!
In this video, you'll find 2 easy and cheap ways to save energy, bills and reduce your own carbon dioxide emissions.

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