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Kathmandu University DHULIKHEL Vlog||Mechanical (Hydropower/...
Those were the best things ever happened . Recollection of beautiful memories Like share SUSCRIBE #MEII #KATHMANDUUNIVERSITY 1st sem/1st year Audio credit : STAY SAFE Tha...[Read More]

Green Energy: Hidrokinetic Turbines
The alternative energy generation program started in the early 80s at the University of Brasilia. Later LEA, Energia LTDA and TipoD along with other partners and sponsors began to optimize the technol...[Read More]

NEED Energy Chants
NEED's 10 Energy Chants explained by former NEED students (can access the Energy Chants PDF at 1) Petroleum 2) Coal 3) Natural Gas 4) Uranium 5) Propane 6) Hydropower 7) Biomass 8) G...[Read More]

Hydropower and Water Energy Experiment
This video is intended to help familiarize students with the basic procedures used to set up and run the Hydropower and Water Energy Experiment. For more in-depth information about the laboratory proc...[Read More]

Lecture - 5 Non Conventional Energy Sources
Lecture Series on Power System Generation, Transmission and Distribution by Prof.D.P.Kothari, Centre for Energy Studies, IIT Delhi For more details visit

The Netherlands' solution to alternative energy: live wi...
Netherlands is a small country with population 17 million people. About 60\% of its territory would have flooded if coastline reinforcements had not built. The country's universities are producing wor...[Read More]

Power to gas: That's how wind power is stored
OMV Blog: OMV Website: The new energy era is dawning, bringing with it wind and solar power. Renewable, susta...[Read More]

A golden transformation: From mine to Kidston Renewable Ener...
Kidston Renewable Energy Hub in Queensland is combining solar plus pumped-hydro storage at a disused mine site

Iran Ferdowsi University, Renewable Energy projects ????? ??...
Ferdowsi University of Mashhad (??????? ?????? ????) Iran Ferdowsi University, Renewable Energy projects ????? ??? ???????? ????????? ????...[Read More]

Deploying hydro pump storage technologies for clean energy |...
Most energy storage around the world uses hydropower – but damming river valleys creates environmental challenges. Dr Matthew Stocks, a Fellow at ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science, exp...[Read More]

Hydropower Handbook | Evaluating the Resource
For more information on evaluating the resource: This video is part of a series on small hydropower options for landowners, rural electrics, and ...[Read More]

Bioenergy: America’s Energy Future
Bioenergy: America's Energy Future is a short documentary film showcasing examples of bioenergy innovations across the biomass supply chain and the United States. The film highlights a few stories of ...[Read More]

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