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Teaching Alternative Energy with leXsolar
New & alternative energy is a growing STEM field, full of career opportunities for our students. LeXsolar has developed the world's best hands-on kits for teaching these concepts. K-12 classes, voca...[Read More]

Build a Wind Turbine | #EarthMonth Challenge Series
Did you know that there is an entire field of sustainable engineering dedicated to figuring out ways to use less energy and make our homes and buildings better for the environment? Due to climate chan...[Read More]

Teaching the Water-Energy Connection
Teaching the Water-Energy Connection webinar presented March 31, 2010

Solar Panel and Wind Turbine Installation
At the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mississippi State University, USA

Wind Energy
Brendan travels to the University of California at Davis to visit a wind energy lab! There researchers and students are working to improve the efficiency of wind turbines. They study how wind travel...[Read More]

Excitement About Wind Energy Systems — University of Olden...
Excitement About Wind Energy Systems — University of Oldenburg - wind energy system In this case, the turbine has a 45 percent (7,884 divided by 17,520) capacity element. Rememberthis does not im...[Read More]

Wind Energy - Renewable Energy Engineering - Mechanical - HC...
Topic – Wind Energy Subject – Renewable Energy Engineering Department – Mechanical Hansaba College of Engineering & Technology #GGU #ggu #GokulGlobalUniversity

KSU Live Stream Wind Turbine and Solar Panels
This is a live stream of the Kansas State University Electrical and Computer Engineering department's renewable energy research projects. The data from the solar panels and this turbine can be found a...[Read More]

How it's made - Installing a Wind Turbines | 50MW Wind F...
How it's made - Installing a Wind Turbines | 50MW Wind Farm Installation Timelapse In this timelapse, you can see work of excavation, foundation, Installing a Wind Turbines and nacelle and blades li...[Read More]

Energy Principles and Renewable Energy - 6.2 - Carbon Accoun...
Energy Principles and Renewable Energy PLAYLIST: Unit 6: Wind Lesson 2 - Carbon Accounting for Wind Power

Floating wind turbine revealed at UMaine
The base for a floating wind turbine was unveiled Wednesday at University of Maine Orono. The turbine will be shipped down the Penobscot River and out to the Gulf of Maine where it will become the fi...[Read More]

Vertical Solar and Wind Energy Tower | Power Engineering FYP...
Since most of the present energy demand is met by fossil fuels and nuclear power plants. A small part is met by renewable energy technologies. Among them, the wind and solar power sources have experie...[Read More]

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