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NIEHS Global Environmental Health Day - AM Sessions - 07/01/...
Global Environmental Health (GEH) research addresses pressing environmental health problems and aims to improve the lives of the most vulnerable populations, both in the United States and around the w...[Read More]

Building Community Power in Environmental Justice Research a...
History and research show that racism and economic inequality are key factors in environmental injustice. For our next Health Equity Lecture, a panel of public health researchers and practitioners wil...[Read More]

World Environmental Health Day 2020 featuring Expert Panel
World Environmental Health Day 2020 featuring Expert Panel Featuring: John Steward, REHS, MPH School of Public Health Georgia State University Presentation topic: Climate Change: The Greatest Global...[Read More]

06 April 2020 17:00 - Author : PAOLA VIRGINIA Gigliotti - Category : Debate Perugia (Italy) University of Medicine Perugia (Italy) University of Medicine University for Peace - The life after. Sport H...[Read More]

Environmental Health Sciences Prospective Student Discovery ...
This webinar, recorded on October 13, 2020, was part of the 2020 Prospective Student Discover Series webinars and focused on the Department of Environmental Health Sciences at the University of Michig...[Read More]

Study Environmental Health at Flinders
Meet Dr. Harriet Whiley – Harriet is a Senior Lecturer and expert in Environmental Health at Flinders. “Environmental Health is sort of the invisible profession. It has such a profound impact on ...[Read More]

Leveraging Data Science Approaches to Address Environmental ...
Environmental Health challenges in Africa are complex, involving a broad range of exposures, including ambient and indoor air pollution, electronic waste, heavy metals, pesticides, vector-borne pathog...[Read More]

Generation Chemical: How Environmental Exposures are Affecti...
To explore the latest science on the generational impact of harmful chemical and environmental exposures from preconception through the life course, the Collaborative on Health and the Environment and...[Read More]

Kids (and a few grown-ups) talk climate, health, and dinosau...
Our staff is inspired by their children, and children everywhere, in the work they do every day. Made for Children's Environmental Health Day 2020. Learn more about us and support our work at noharm-u...[Read More]

Institute for Environmental Health Solutions at UNC Gillings...
The Institute for Environmental Health Solutions within the Gillings School of Public Health at the University of North Carolina was launched two years ago, focusing on protecting the most vulnerable ...[Read More]

Environmental health equity: From the molecular to the globa...
NCCEH Environmental Health Seminar Series October 30, 2014 Presenter: Dr. Trevor Hancock, Professor and Senior Scholar, University of Victoria As is the case with the social determinants of health...[Read More]

Environmental YouTube Project
This video is a requirement for MPHP 429: Environmental Health: Taught through the Public Health Department at CWRU. This video is a parody of the syndicated Dr. Oz Show (c). This video does not refle...[Read More]

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