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Littering is Bad | moral values | Book for Children Kids
Learning the importance of social values .. SUBSCRIBE for new stories!!

TRAILER - Kids in Tokyo & NYC Share a Message About Marine L...
TRAILER A message from kids in Tokyo and New York City about marine litter - Fourth grade students from a school in Tokyo and a school in New York City worked simultaneously on reducing local plastic ...[Read More]

World's Largest Ocean Plastic Garbage Cleaning System -...
The Largest Cleanup In History - OVER 5 TRILLION PIECES OF PLASTIC CURRENTLY LITTER THE OCEAN. Trash accumulates in 5 ocean garbage patches, the largest one being the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, loca...[Read More]

Marine Debris: The Ugly Journey of Our Trash
Why have our oceans become a dumping ground? Our #UglyJourneyofTrash sheds light on how litter travels from land to sea. You can take action: Vidéo en F...[Read More]

Microplastics in 80\% Sea Fishs! Plastic Catastrophe in the ...
Hello everybody. we have another video and another interesting topic. We have a big plastic. According to surveys Microplastics is in 80\% Fishs in the oceans! We are destroying ourselves? Let's face ...[Read More]

Abuja activists embark on anti-littering awareness campaign
A group of activists in Nigeria has pledged to clean up the country by encouraging people not to throw their rubbish onto the streets. The campaigners say that without proper intervention, a large pop...[Read More]

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Air pollution biggest problem of the planet
Our planet is no more a lively place , we make it hell, we are not mature enough to handle technology. Take steps to save future.

Stop Trashing America
How to Put a Stop to Littering To eliminate litter, KAB research shows we have to address both littering behavior and changing the environment. According to KAB's 2009 Littering Behavior in America s...[Read More]

don't litter

Cigarettes responsible for more than half of Irish waste
Cigarettes responsible for more than half of Irish waste Cigarette butts accounted for more than half of Ireland’s litter problem, research showed. It has become more common over the last year. Ped...[Read More]

Researchers Discover South Pacific Garbage Patch
Researchers recently discovered a garbage patch in the South Pacific that’s around a million square miles.

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