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Summer School NIDA 2018 - Sustainable Economic Development i...
Hello guys! I'm Irfani Prabaningrum from Universitas Gadjah Mada. This video is talking about my perspective about Sustainable Economic Development in the Era of Disruption. I uploaded this video as t...[Read More]

Lecture on sustainable development
Environment part sustainable development IUBAT university visit maple park school .

CON 200: Sustainable Living Research Paper Sustainability: T...
CON 200: Sustainable Living Research Paper Sustainability: The ability to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. From a ma...[Read More]

Understanding sustainability science
François Mancebo talks about the development of sustainability science from the beginning of the 2000s. He presents the subject of this "involved" research field, whose ambition is to better unders...[Read More]

Sustainability and Development Panel
RISE's director Dr. Richard Tutwiler speaks on a panel at The American University in Cairo. The following panelists speak on Sustainability and Development, February 2009: - Richard Tutwiler, direct...[Read More]

[Live] Talks on "Economic Sustainability and Livelihood Oppo...
Video Recorded Link = Talks on "Economic Sustainability and Livelihood Opportunities in LAMKA" Date: 27 October 2017 Time: 4:30 pm Venue: Committee Room, SSS-I, JNU, New...[Read More]

Raising awareness about sustainability in the furniture indu...
How to raise awareness for customers about the sustainability in the furniture industry in Netherlands? Subtitles are available. Thanks to Lensvelt music used: She's so Untouchable - Garden City ...[Read More]

Sustainability & Circular Economy research cluster
The Sustainability & Circular Economy research cluster brings together political economists, supply chain experts, biologists, business administrators, mathematical modellers and social scientists fro...[Read More]

Citizen Voices Matter - Sustainable Economic Alternatives to...
People in northern Wisconsin have worked to create a sustainable economy in the state's iconic Northwoods. But their livelihoods could be threatened by environmental damage caused by a proposed open-p...[Read More]

Are black swans and sustainability any of our business?
Thinking ahead why bother? Robert Raeside (Edinburgh Napier University) Decision making in a world with black swans: the unexpected in business is often dismissed Tony Bendell (Services Limited and A...[Read More]

Birkbeck Sustainability Video 2017
Check out Birkbeck`s Sustainability performance and review our targets. Can you help us meet them? The Greenthing initiative across the Bloomsbury Colleges (Birkbeck, LSHTM and SOAS) is enhancing envi...[Read More]

Disruptive innovation in SMEs for economic development and s...
Dr. Daba Chowdhury, University Campus Suffolk, UK

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