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5 Principles for Social Sustainability (facing unpredictable...
In this whiteboard animation, I present 5 principles to achieve social sustainability. These are the findings of a group of researchers in Sweden who set out to understand the conditions that can degr...[Read More]

Lecture on the topic "Sustainability and social develop...
Lecture for the Erasmus project guests from Finland, Norway, Germany, France, Italy, Macedonia, on the topic "Sustainability and social development" - Project "Sustainable living - active citizens", m...[Read More]

What is Sustainability? ???
There are three types of sustainability. Environmental Sustainability, Social Sustainability, and Financial Sustainability. Subscribe to Carbon Radio to be a part of the sustainability conversation.

Learning for Sustainability Scotland hosted their annual meeting in Edinburgh on Friday. This event explored the role of the individual and participative democracy in influencing societal change, and ...[Read More]

Understanding sustainability through network analysis
Can understanding the links and flows within networks help us tackle sustainability challenges? Here, Kerstin Schreiber (Geography), one of the MSSI Landscape Scholars, explains network analysis and h...[Read More]

ANTH 110I - Cultures of Sustainability and Social Justice - ...
Brings together diverse forms of cultural knowledge and complexities of everyday life to illuminate longstanding concerns of sustainability and justice. Investigates multiple theories of sustainable d...[Read More]

Social media and censorship – tensions over social sustain...
Fredrik Andersen, Østfold University College and NMBU

Social Sustainability Lesson #2
Social Sustainability Lesson #2 provides viewers beginner's with training to use the Schematic for Validating Social Sustainability. This is a unique device for creating or validating designs for soc...[Read More]

Interview with IMU during the 2nd AUN University Social Resp...
AUN USR&S@AsiaEngage spoke to Prof. Ong Kok Hai and Dr. James Koh regarding IMU's award-winning community engagement project under IMU Cares. The project is the winner to Talloires Network's McJannet ...[Read More]

Socially Sustainable Living Wage Policies in American Highe...
Social sustainability is in the news every day, yet, our research on living wage policies in American higher education reveals that the vast majority of institutions do not have living wage policies. ...[Read More]

Menstruation Matters: Social and Sustainability
The Gender Equity Center and the Office of Sustainability at San Jose State University have partnered to bring you a discussion about menstruation, stigma, and zero waste period. Tune in to hear about...[Read More]

Faces of UVic Research: Centre for Social and Sustainable In...
Dr. Monika Winn is the Director of the Centre for Social and Sustainable Innovation at Peter B. Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria. In this video, Monika talks about the Centre...[Read More]

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