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Student Views - Sustainable Living and Community Based Learn...
In the 31st installment in her series of student-produced videos, Kitty Higgins '13 looks at the sustainable living connections between the campus and the Canton, NY region, coordinated by Community-B...[Read More]

Advice for a healthier 2015: Sustainable lifestyle changes!
Tanya Bismayer, from Occupational Health & Safety Services at SickKids, encourages you to make sustainable lifestyle changes like taking the stairs, eating healthier and spending time with your kids a...[Read More]

Stephanie Mills: On (Not) Having Children & Living Susta...
In 1969, Post Carbon Institute Fellow Stephanie Mills made national headlines when she declared during her valedictory speech that she would skip having children for environmental reasons. Four deca...[Read More]

Living Outside The Box Sustainable Lifestyles
Does GDP really correspond to happiness? is our happiness tied up with ''stuff''? here are some ideas about sustainable living -- how many planets do we need to sustain our lifestyle? The Division ...[Read More]

Family Living Zero Waste Shares Tips to Live Sustainably
Over the years I've heard from hundreds of families that they have realized they are living a consumeristic and wasteful life but just don't know where to start to make changes. I often hear that they...[Read More]

Making Sustainable Life Attractive
A personal account of solutions towards sustainability already implemented in the district of Nørrebro in Copenhagen, Denmark. They are: - Plan for Proximity - Make Bicycling Safe and Attractive -...[Read More]

Kids habits for sustainable living
Teach your kids basic habits to save resources and have more sustainable life

How to Lead a More Sustainable Lifestyle
How can everyone lead a more sustainable lifestyle? Green living expert, Sara Snow says it just takes a few simple steps to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Teach For Green: Teaching School Kids Environmentally Sustai...
Started in 2016 by three ambitious youngsters, the organization has been continuously working towards its vision of creating environmental awareness. Till date, they have conducted multiple training s...[Read More]

Kids taught sustainable living with "learning gardens&q...
The kids get to plant, garden and pick plants and food as part of the program.

Sustainable management – sustainable life | Paul Shri...
The Pennsylvania State University. Director at the Sustainability Institute. Professor in Management and Organization, Smeal College of Business ”If wealth is lost nothing is lost, If health is...[Read More]

Kids programs, Sustainable life programs
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