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NASA Armstrong - ATTREX Chapter 3: Kiss Sky
This 10-minute, 46-second video shows how our atmosphere consists of several layers and each plays a different role in our climate. The bottom two layers are the troposphere and the stratosphere, and ...[Read More]

General Climate Change video -- NASA Earth Sciences
Climate Change video - USFS R6

Climate change warning: UK could be transformed by global wa...
Climate change warning: UK could be transformed by global warming - study- NASA News If you’re able, and if you like our content and approach, please support we. Our work wouldn’t be possible wit...[Read More]

Dr. Terry Root on Global Climate Change, NASA on Melting Pol...
United Earth News student news show pilot is a template for upcoming student-led programming. UEN’s pilot was created in conjunction with students and professors at the University of Michigan Ann Ar...[Read More]

ASU's 'Phoenix' satellite could be future of und...
Student scientists at Arizona State University designed and built a unique satellite that could eventually help track climate change. After years of work, NASA is launching it next month.

Climate Change Impact: NASA's 21st Century Predictions
NASA predicts 2099 and World Climate Change Impact: NASA's 21st Century Predictions

NASA / AP - Climate Change Affecting Earth's Wobble.
The AP says the Earth's wobble is being affected by climate change, find out why that's a steaming pile of BS.

NASA Studies How Arctic Fires Change the World
Wildfires in the Arctic often burn far away from population centers, but their impacts are felt around the globe. From field and laboratory work to airborne campaigns and satellites, NASA is studying ...[Read More]

NASA Mission Maps 16 Years of Ice Loss
Using the most advanced Earth-observing laser instrument NASA has ever flown in space, scientists have made precise, detailed measurements of how the elevation of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheet...[Read More]

Climate Scientists Speak Out Against Trump’s Plans to Cut ...
Dr. Kevin Trenbreth is among the many who signed an open letter calling on President-elect Trump not to cut funding for research or censor scientists Help support The Real News by making a donation to...[Read More]

NASA | Ask a Climate Scientist
Have a question that's always confounded you about Earth's climate? Wonder why it matters that the climate is changing now if it has changed before? Or how scientists know changes seen in recent decad...[Read More]

Big data and climate change: description of NASA climate dat...
Big data lecture I gave Jan.21, 2015 at GVR DSST.

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