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Energy Revolution
We can launch an energy revolution that drastically decreases CO2 emission and other deleterious consequences associated with fossil fuel burning. Energy extraction can be cut by more than 50\% by co...[Read More]

Nearly 1 In 5 United State Clean Energy Jobs Wiped Out By Pa...
The United States clean energy sector has lost more than 620,000 jobs, or 18 percent of its workforce, as stay-at-home .. Watch the video to find out more ..............................................[Read More]

Clean Energy Jobs: Growth and Projections - NCEW
Clean Energy Jobs: Growth and Projections Over 3 million jobs are attributed to the clean energy sector, and it is representative of one of the most dynamic job growth sectors nationwide. From small b...[Read More]

New Opportunity for Technolgy to Create Clean Energy
This TV program helps viewers increase their understanding that Trump withdrawing the US from the Paris Climate Change Accord will increase the need and market for technology that can create clean en...[Read More]

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency: Local Level Finance
Listen to insights into local level leadership in New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont on the Finance Panel of the Best Practices and Local-Level Leadership for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy ev...[Read More]

The future of clean energy jobs in America
The clean energy and sustainability job industry remains a growing source of employment for over 4 million Americans, compared to the coal industry, which employs only 160,000 workers. Clean energy a...[Read More]

Session 2 - Politics of the Transition to Renewable Energy |...
THE NEW SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH | The Bottom Line on Climate Change: Transitioning to Renewable Energy World's leading climate economists look to the future of ene...[Read More]

UC Berkeley and Tsinghua University to partner on clean ener...
The Paris Climate Conference in December was a major breakthrough in tackling global climate change as 195 countries adopted a global climate deal. But alongside the event, numerous smaller agreements...[Read More]

Energy EXPO 2017 Panel 6: Renewable Energy 1: Overview
Learn more at Amy Halloran, Senior Manager for Renewable Energy Programs, Sandia National Laboratories Sandia National Laboratories has the second largest portfolio of re...[Read More]

How Communities Use Clean Energy to Build Local Power
Please SUBSCRIBE, leave a COMMENT, and hit the LIKE button. This Keynote presentation by John Ferrel was done at the 2017 (AERO) Alternative Energy Resources Organization Expo held in Butte Montana. ...[Read More]

Guest: Jay Inslee on a Clean Energy Economy
Our Special Guest: Jay Inslee on a New Clean Energy Economy Former congressman Jay Inslee joins us to discuss how clean tech manufacturing can help Washington create new livable wage jobs while pro...[Read More]

UNSW SPREE 201305-30 Monique Alfris - Bringing clean energy ...
UNSW School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering Pollinate Energy: Bringing clean energy solutions to India's urban poor Monique Alfris Pollinate Energy To view complete with sildes: ht...[Read More]

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