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Summer School NIDA 2018 - Sustainable Economic Development i...
Hello guys! I'm Irfani Prabaningrum from Universitas Gadjah Mada. This video is talking about my perspective about Sustainable Economic Development in the Era of Disruption. I uploaded this video as t...[Read More]

Lecture on sustainable development
Environment part sustainable development IUBAT university visit maple park school .

Exploring Barriers to Justice and Sustainability in Economic...
We are at a critical juncture as we face a growing number of global challenges that we can remedy if we act boldly and in unity. Many of those challenges, including climate change and inequality, have...[Read More]

GES CONFLUENCE- An Amalgamation of Sustainability and Econom...
#GES #GESConfluence #DigitalSummit #Sustainability THE GLOBAL ECONOMIC & SUSTAINABILITY CONFLUENCE DIGITAL SUMMIT 2020 "Where Sustainability & Economic Goals are pursued to drive Global trade, Growth ...[Read More]

Scotland-Arctic Network Series: Sustainable Economic Growth/...
This was the seventh event in a network series titled "Scotland’s Role and Contribution in a Changing Arctic Environment" and invited Scotland-based researchers to discuss sustainable economic grow...[Read More]

CON 200: Sustainable Living Research Paper Sustainability: T...
CON 200: Sustainable Living Research Paper Sustainability: The ability to meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. From a ma...[Read More]

Understanding sustainability science
François Mancebo talks about the development of sustainability science from the beginning of the 2000s. He presents the subject of this "involved" research field, whose ambition is to better unders...[Read More]

CEOS Sustainability Mini Talks #1 10/28/20
Take a look at four "mini-talk" lectures from four awesome University of Illinois faculty on some of their most recent research into the economics of sustainability! Amy Ando | "Using Nature to Stop ...[Read More]

VANTAGE Global Food Sustainability: Economics and the Enviro...
You will have the opportunity to engage in a real-world experience in the global food industry where you can learn and grow in areas that may offer future employment opportunities such as corporate su...[Read More]

Webinar: ‘Sustainability and the promise of perpetual econ...
UPEACE Department of Environment & Development Webinar: ‘Sustainability and the promise of perpetual economic growth’, by Jan Breitling, professor of the Environment & Development Department

Green Careers: Carving the Path to Environmental Justice and...
On February 27, 2020, the Audubon Naturalist Society (ANS) and its sponsors and partners presented the third Taking Nature Black Conference at The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) in Chevy Chase...[Read More]

Economic Growth and Sustainability - Economic Growth (4/4) |...
The focus of this video is to see if economic growth is sustainable. The topics covered in the Economic Growth series: - calculating growth rates - economic growth vs. business cycle expansions - the...[Read More]

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