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Learn about Pollution for kids
Any contamination of air, water and environment is called Pollution In this video Diya explains about different types of Pollution. Air Pollution Water Pollution Noise Pollution There are many o...[Read More]

Levels and Effects of Radiation Exposure due to the 2011 Fuk...
English Version The film by the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) outlines the Committee's main findings on the levels of radiation exposure from the 201...[Read More]

Radon in Schools - TODAY Rossen Reports -
Radon in Schools - Rossen Reports - TODAY.COM For more info Call: 310.709-0500 or visit: Should all schools get tested for this cancer causing radioactive gas? Why doctors...[Read More]

Budget 2018: Plastic waste and nuclear fusion funding plans ...
The Conservative Government has announced it is to introduce a tax on the import and manufacture plastic packaging using less than 30\% recycled plastics. Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond's...[Read More]

Mine Waste: Pollution Source or Georesource? - Bernhard Dold...
Bernhard Dold

Fake Vs Real Fukushima Pacific Ocean Radiation Fallout Maps
Link to live show and replay is here The blog GlobalResearch is showing Japans Tsunami Map and calling it radiation and because they used that fake map an...[Read More]

Study: Millions Of Americans May Be Drinking TOXIC Water
Harvard University did a study that had some scary results about American drinking water. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment s...[Read More]

Two-headed salamander discovered in Israel
A two-headed salamander tadpole has been discovered by researchers at Haifa University. The researchers say the reason for the deformity is unknown, but the chief theory is pollution of water sources....[Read More]

BELIEVER [Imagine Dragons Cover]
Thanks so much to Kiore, Kaitra, and Andrew for being my top patrons this time around! Download: ___ Keep the music coming: www.pat...[Read More]

?: LIVE CHAT about Fukushima radiation into the Pacific Ocea...
Live talk LIVE CHAT about Fukushima radiation into the Pacific Ocean fukushima,japan,nuclear,waste,news,earthquakes,Nuclear Waste Into Pacific..,FUKUSHIMA JAPAN (NEW FOOT...[Read More]

Radiation in the Pacific Ocean
On March 12, 2011, an earthquake triggered a tsunami that struck 700 miles of coastline and caused a disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan. 3 nuclear reactors melted down and released radi...[Read More]

the dark sky | Yousra Abdalmoniem | TEDxUMST
Can you try to picture the world a few centuries back, before Thomas Edison's bulbs filled the world? Probably visualized houses, furniture, fashion, living style, but have you ever thought of w...[Read More]

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