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Global carbon emissions to drop 4-7 percent in 2020
PARIS - Global CO2 emissions from fossil fuels are set to drop by up to seven percent in 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic, but even this drama latest news, news, news udate, world news, curren...[Read More]

Saudi Aramco exec: Capturing carbon emissions can help comba...
??? Subscribe free: Ahmad O. Al-Khowaiter is chief technology officer of Saudi Aramco. The opinions expressed in this commentary are his own. .leftside-floating-image...[Read More]

Cutting carbon emissions could save 153 million lives, study...
Cutting carbon emissions could save 153 million lives, study finds - News Techcology As many as 153 million deaths linked to air pollution worldwide this century could be prevented if governments ...[Read More]

Democratic Study Group September Webinar: “Climate Change:...
Democratic Study Group September Webinar: “Climate Change: Urgent? What Can We Do About It?”

Daily Energy Use and Carbon Emissions
NCSE Flash Talk by Bruce Logan, Ph.D. Penn State University

Finland offers rewards to citizens to reduce carbon emission...
The EU-funded "CitiCap" project allows individuals in the town of Lahti to track their carbon emissions #FinlandApp #CarbonEmission #WION About Channel: WION -The World is One News, examines globa...[Read More]

Ministerial Address followed by Fuel Poverty and Climate Cha...
Ministerial Address by Rt Hon Kwasi Kwarteng MP, Minister of State for Business, Energy and Clean Growth Seminar: Fuel Poverty and Climate Change: The UK’s commitment to achieving Net Zero carbon e...[Read More]

Why Modern Heating Systems Can Tackle Carbon Emissions and H...
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Tanzanian scientist excel in the UK as world leaders focus ...
Dr. Alex Paurine, excel on finding solution on how to reduce carbon emission that has huge effect on global climate change

Teachers Take Action To Reduce Carbon Footprint | Eng. Subti...
In Buldhana district, six teachers decided to stop using private motorcycles and started using a shared autorickshaw to come to work. They took this simple and effective step to reduce their carbon fo...[Read More]

World carbon dioxide emissions hit record level
A new report says the world hit a record for carbon dioxide emissions this year, raising concerns about the impact on climate change. CBS News contributing meteorologist Jeff Berardelli joined CBSN AM...[Read More]

Clean energy and carbon emission targets still face challeng...
China is placing environmental issues on top of its reform list. The country will adopt a brand new set of performance measures for local governments, taking in a healthy environment, such as air qual...[Read More]

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