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Unchecked carbon emissions could jeopardize plants, animals ...
Unchecked carbon emissions could jeopardize plants, animals in world's most vital habitats. If carbon emissions continue to rise unchecked, half of the plant and animal species in the world’s m...[Read More]

Simple Animated Video: What is a carbon footprint? What can ...
This short and fun video explains what a carbon footprint is and how you can reduce yours to minimise your impact on the planet. Share to help educate everyone on how to lessen impacts of climate chan...[Read More]

Climate Change plan to tackle carbon emissions (28) (UK) BBC...
Theresa May (outgoing PM) has said the UK will be the first G7 country to cut Greenhouse gas emission to 0 by 2050 and widely praised by green groups but critics has said its 'too little too late'. E...[Read More]

What happens to emitted carbon?
This animation forms part of the series “Carbon and Climate”, which is an ideal introduction to how carbon dioxide and the climate interact, and is intended for school children, teachers and inter...[Read More]

Dabo Guan on China's carbon emission rates
According to experts, Chinese coal actually emits less carbon dioxide than coal in the West, 40 percent less. Researchers say the revised numbers allow China to have a more accurate base line to work ...[Read More]

Reducing CO2 emissions from industry - Dr Tamaryn Napp
Dr Tamaryn Napp discusses global industrial carbon emissions and how they could be reduced. Find out more about our climate mitigation research at[Read More]

Eric Larson - Sustainable Transportation with Net-Negative C...
GCEP Research Symposium Tech Talk "Sustainable Transportation Energy with Net-Negative Carbon Emissions" Eric Larson, senior research engineer, Energy Systems Analysis Group, Princeton University In...[Read More]

Can you really pay off your carbon footprint? | Climate Chan...
Can we pay someone else to take responsibility for our carbon emissions? (Subscribe: Climate change and the climate crisis has people around the world going on stri...[Read More]

Working Forests of Washington - Climate Change
Did you know? Trees and wood products store 35\% of our state’s carbon emissions.

Global Carbon Emissions | Mission Introduction
An introduction video towards our intended goal.

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint: Carbon Offsets:[Read More]

OS SO HighRes 2
Compelling video by IPRC researchers explaining the process of ocean acidification and presenting projected effects of acidification in the Southern Ocean up to the year 2100, if current carbon emissi...[Read More]

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