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DSSS: Islands as Model Systems for Understanding Soils, Ecos...
For many years, we have been making use of the Hawaiian Islands as models for understanding how soils and ecosystems develop and function. Results of this research show that the properties of soils ex...[Read More]

Ecosystems for children
Ecosystems for children What is an ecosystem? This desert is an ecosystem This forest is an ecosystem This pond is an ecosystem, and under this rock is even an ecosystem. An ecosystem is a community o...[Read More]

MathKing Love Ecosystems! Learning about Ecosystems for Kid...
Ecosystems! Learn about different types of ecosystems. This video is a great introduction to types of ecosystems. An ecosystem is a community of interacting organisms and their environment. This is...[Read More]

Dr. Madhu Khanna: Water, Land, Ecosystems, & Environmental P...
Dr. Khanna has worked on diverse topics ranging from technology adoption and agro-environmental policy analysis, voluntary approaches to environmental protection and the land use, market and greenhous...[Read More]

Water use by terrestrial ecosystems in Mato Grosso (Environm...
This video abstract introduces our paper published in Environmental Research Letters (2012) entitled: "Water use by terrestrial ecosystems: temporal variability in rainforest and agricultural contri...[Read More]

How Do Ecosystems Change Over Time?
A biology video about communities and ecosystems.

Research Focus: Plastics in the Environment - Topic Freshwat...
Plastics in the environment are a global problem and the evidence for this is hard to miss: huge waste deposits are seen in the oceans even in remote areas of the Arctic, plastic particles are found i...[Read More]

Sustaining our Earths Ecosystems: Environmental Panel
Professor Jack Spengler pays homage to two key leaders in conservation and discusses how local communities are defined today and Harvards role in using its resources to benefit them. Spengler. The ...[Read More]

Carly Stevens. The impact of atmospheric nitrogen deposition...
Atmospheric nitrogen deposition is a global problem with levels increasing in many regions of the world. It represents a major threat to ecosystems globally with the potential to alter nutrient cyclin...[Read More]

Nancy Turner : Indigenous environmental knowledge & envi...
Professor Nancy Turner, 2015 Trudeau Fellow, outlines her ongoing PETF research project: "Making a Place for Indigenous Environmental Knowledge and Environmental Values in Land Use Planning and Decisi...[Read More]

SAVE OUR PLANET - Climate change damaging marine ecosystems
SAVE OUR PLANET... Oceans suffocating due to climate change. According to a new study published in Science magazine, the Earth's seas are fast on their way to becoming over-saturated with human-caused...[Read More]

What does biodiversity do for us?
How does biodiversity affect ecosystem services (everything nature provides for our survival)? The answer is complex, but this much is clear: we need to preserve the biodiversity we're so rapidly losi...[Read More]

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