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Smart litter receptacle results from city, university, and b...
The City of Pittsburgh, Downtown Denver Partnership, and Old Dominion University discuss Victor Stanley Relay smart litter receptacles’ operational and environmental benefits through field data coll...[Read More]

Littering for kids
I will teach kids what littering is why it’s so bad and how they can help, if your kid keeps asking to clean up litter in the park then it was me who gave them that idea. I am not a professional at ...[Read More]

No Litter Generation
There’s hardly any part of the world that isn’t affected by litter – on the ground and in lakes and seas. If we don’t do anything about it, our oceans could end up containing more plastic than...[Read More]

Adventurous Kids: Littering
CAST: CHRISTIAN PRODUCED/DIRECTED/EDITED/FILMED BY: ELIJAH FRIESEN Adventurous Kid Christian tells you about littering.

Animated Video created using Animaker - Digital Design Assignment

Littering and water pollution
this is a video to promote how worse of the water pollution nowadays...... by Yong Kho Kent, Lee Fok Ming and Tan Enoch (Environment Management Project)

Don't Litter | Moral Stories For Kids | English Story Fo...
Don't Litter | Moral Stories For Kids | English Story For Kids | English Moral Stories Ted And Zoe ? Story Name: Don't Litter ? Script Writer: P K Mohanand ? Animation: ELE Animations ? Voiceover...[Read More]

Doug The Litterbug, a children's book about litter pollu...
Our over consumption of plastic is harming millions of animals worldwide and effecting thousands of people below the poverty line. With the abnormal rise of litter pollution mainly coming from single-...[Read More]

PC Bob and Mr Bean picks up litter to help the environment (...
mr bean is helping save the planet by picking up litter! Welcome to Mister Bean Number One Fan, here you can find Mr Bean...[Read More]

Plastic Pollution/ Littering PSA DVHS
Yash G. Zaid I. Period 1

The Little Litter Bin (Poem about littering. Kids' poem ...
The Little Litter Bin loves litter and wants to be fed.

Educating children on litter pollution for World Oceans Day
World Oceans Day, which takes place on the 8th of June is a celebration and honour of the land which connects us all. One local author is hoping to encourage and get more children involved in the day...[Read More]

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